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Little River Inn – A Romantic Hotel Near Mendocino, California

Today, I’m going to share my experience at the Little River Inn, a romantic hotel near Mendocino.

If you want to take some time off from the hurried pace of your daily life, then the Little River Inn on the Pacific coast in Mendocino County might be the perfect choice for you.

I recently visited the beautiful Pacific coast in northern California and stayed at the Little River Inn, which I found to be an inspiring gem. The beautiful surroundings instill peace with a seeping certainty.

The warm welcome that I received, even at night around 11:15 p.m., made me comfortable instantly. The gracious, good-hearted, and gentle people in this beautiful hotel made my stay unforgettable.

If you are planning a trip to Mendocino or Fort Bragg, keep the Little River Inn in mind – I think you’ll enjoy the experience.

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Little River Inn – An inspiring gem

On one side lay the beautiful blue Pacific, and on the other side, I saw lush greenery.

In the morning, my guest was a beautiful seagull followed by several other birds, and the evening gifted me a perfect sorbet-colored sunset.

The vibrant and beautiful flowers all over the place were a treat to my senses. I slowed down naturally and was flooded with inspiration.

Little River Inn, Mendocino, Hotel, Northern California

I read, wrote, and contemplated. The sea breeze, quaint hotel, and pleasant temperature created the perfect ambiance for reading.

Mornings in Little River Inn were a pleasant surprise. Seagulls and many beautiful birds wished us good morning!

Little River Inn, Mendocino, Hotel, Northern California
Look who was my guest in the morning!

Nature’s beauty, cozy comfort, profound peace, picturesque surroundings, and the kindest people are the words that come to mind when I think of Little River Inn.

One evening is especially etched in my heart. After dinner, as the day faded and the sky turned pink and purple, I heard the rolling waves.

Later, standing on the balcony under millions of stars, I found myself free from thought, simply enjoying my self-presence in the darkness.

This place was sheer magic at night, with the silent vastness of the ocean and the twinkling canopy above.

Our romantic room in Little River Inn

As soon as we entered, the tastefully decorated room instantly took away the tiredness of hours and miles of driving.

It was clear Little River Inn cares for its guests – the sublime subtlety in every corner of the room was a delightful surprise.

A bottle of exquisite local wine sat on the bedside table, and a cozy fireplace flickered invitingly.

Little River Inn, Mendocino, Hotel, Northern California
An exquisite wine for us!
Little River Inn, Mendocino, Hotel, Northern California
I especially enjoyed the cozy fireplace!

The plush bed linens promised a restful night, and the ocean view from our private balcony was breathtaking.

Little River Inn, Mendocino, Hotel, Northern California
A super comfortable bed!

The restaurant in Little River Inn

A restaurant with big windows and doors and lots of greenery all around.

he Little River Inn’s restaurant delivers both high-quality food and exceptional service. I enjoyed both breakfast and dinner there, and both meals were delightful.

Large glass windows and doors offer stunning views of rhododendrons, begonias, camellias, fuchsia, and a profusion of other vibrant blooms, adding instant color to the day.

The exquisite flower arrangement in the center of the dining hall adds a touch of fresh charm.

I visited with my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter and husband, and we truly appreciated the staff’s warm welcome.

They were friendly and accommodating, making my daughter feel especially comfortable. She loved her fresh orange juice at breakfast and happily enjoyed pasta from the kid’s menu for dinner.

The Golf course in Little River Inn

The immaculately manicured golf course was inviting. If anyone wants to indulge in some golf, then the course here is perfect; bonus – beautiful pine trees, chirping birds, and balmy air!

Little River Inn, Mendocino, Hotel, Northern California, golf course

Exploring Mendocino

To awaken in an unknown town is one of the most pleasant sensations for an explorer.

The uncomplicated joy of meeting a new day with no past, with no plan often gifts us some beautiful memories.

Glass Beach: A Colorful Reminder of Resilience

When I heard that years of dumping garbage into a nearby area of coastline created sea glass, I was thrilled and wanted to visit the place. Only nature has such power.

It can even transform trash to treasure.

The process of making sea glass is a simple one – it is the weathering, tumbling, and aging in sand and saltwater that gives real sea glass its unique “frosted” appearance and “soft” texture.

Glass Beach, California, Mendocino, Northern California
Glass Beach, California

Travel Tip: If you have a few days time and want to get lost in the wilderness, then plan a trip to Redwood National Park

Skunk Train: A Magical Ride for Kids (and Kids at Heart)

After spending 6 beautiful years in Switzerland, trains have become my favorite mode of transport.

Skunk Train, Mendocino, Northern California
I have seldom heard a train go by and not wished I was on it. ~ Paul Theroux

When I heard about the 131-year-old Skunk train, which takes travelers through a forest, there was no question of missing it!

A train ride through the forest is beautiful. We were standing on the open carriage of the train and enjoyed the views.

This is a must if you have a child. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed this ride. Each time we passed through the large trees, she looked at them with awe!

I loved seeing the wonder in her eyes.

Tip: If you want to explore the redwoods in a new way, try the Pudding Creek Railbikes! This is a super fun experience!

Skunk Train, Mendocino
No matter if we are an adult or a child, we all need a tonic of the wilderness!

For even more on Mendocino’s incredible attractions, be sure to check out my comprehensive guide: Your Guide to Mendocino, California: Fun Activities and Incredible Attractions.

Trillium Cafe: A perfect place to eat in Mendocino Village

After all the activities we were tired and also a bit hungry. We wanted a restaurant with quality food and a cozy atmosphere.

We chose Trillium Cafe in Mendocino village.

Trillium Cafe, Mendocino, California
At the entrance of the Trillium Cafe

It was a hot summer day. As soon as I entered, I asked for a cold tea. After the first sip, I was relaxed.

The ambiance and the decoration of the restaurant are just perfect.

Trillium Cafe, Mendocino, California
If you want to enjoy an organic and high quality lunch then visit this beautiful restaurant

The location of Trillium Cafe is near the coast. We took a lazy stroll after our lunch.

If you want some good food and a cocktail of sea view and your favorite drink, then just hop into this restaurant.

Trillium Cafe, Mendocino, California
Ocean beckons!

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Unwind and recharge at the charming Little River Inn. Ocean views, cozy fireplaces, and pure relaxation await. #Mendocino #California #Norcal Share on X

Travel Realizations

Being a spontaneous observer of nature, the short weekend getaway to Mendocino was exemplary. The California redwoods, pristine coastline, and beautiful vineyards all weave their magic into Mendocino County’s landscape.

But it was the Little River Inn that truly made this trip unforgettable. Before putting our luggage in the car, I bid farewell to this gem of a hotel, whispering a heartfelt “Adieu!”

If you’re seeking a romantic escape, a place to reconnect with nature, or simply a respite filled with coastal beauty, a stay at the Little River Inn is an experience I wholeheartedly recommend.

Book your stay here.

Little River Inn, Mendocino, California

While this post was in partnership with The Little River Inn, the opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. What a beautiful little gem! I love mendocino county, but I’ve never heard of this place before! Definitely saving this for a later date. It looks so relaxing and has such a classic charm.

  2. Jenny Ventura

    This looks like the cutest inn with incredible views. Definitely a great romantic weekend getaway I would like to try!

  3. Wow, this place looks beautiful!! It’s always a treat to have a place with a fireplace, and that patio/deck looks unbeatable. There’s something so awesome about eating/relaxing on a patio for sure .

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