Nothing ever becomes real ’til it is experienced

― John Keats.



With an MSc in Business Information Systems, I am a social media and digital marketing consultant and a lifelong traveler. Travel Realizations chronicles my wanderings all over the world. Presently living in San Jose, California, spent six wonderful years in Switzerland; originally from India.




I was that girl who used to wait a week to watch The World This Week – an Indian television show (every friday) in the late 80s.

I was that teenager who always had a dream for higher studies in a different country.

Then life happened.

Computer engineering, job, masters in Business Information Systems from Switzerland, again job and so on…

During all these, one of the most important things that took place in my life is traveling. Traveling different countries, known and unknown places, mountains, oceans, volcanoes, caves … !! Exploring various architectures, cultures, people, traditions and the list goes on.

Now at this point of time, my precious treasures are not my degrees, but the experiences that I acquired while traveling to different parts of the world and my realizations resulting from them. Travel Realizations fondly celebrates those experiences.

I am sure, You are here because you love reading about various places, cultures and people that make the world beautiful, amazing and diverse. I hope you will enjoy the places through my writings as much as I have loved visiting them. You will know me more while reading my posts as all of them carry a little bit of me. I hope to know about you as well through your comments, critique and appreciation.  

Another part of me is a social media enthusiast, who is very passionate about online digital marketing & communication and analytics. I love exploring various social media channels. Each one of them brings something new that helps to connect with people and ideas from all over the world.

Apart from writing, my other strong passion is to read. Books have been my mate for long. Nowadays some added companions are blogs! You can see a list of my favorite books here.

My interest in world cinema has grown recently. It takes us to a different situation in just an hour.  It is a powerful art form. Some of them that made me think for days and have had an extraordinary effect on me are in this list.

I am evolving to someone unknown every day. I am rediscovering myself every minute. I am changing and I strive to make it a constant. My primary tool to do it is nurturing my ability to learn. I practice resilience. Other tools that constantly help me in this process of evolving are my experiences, books, cinema and people!!

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About Travel Realizations

Travel Realizations, Chirasree, About MeTravel Realizations was started on 14th June, 2013 in blogger under the name Realizations with the url This is the reason that you may come across many pictures under the copyright of the previous url.


I still remember the moment when I pressed “Publish” for my first blog post. I didn’t know at that time that love and appreciation from my readers would encourage me one day so much that I will start writing my posts in my self-hosted site.

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As life moved on, so is my blog. Sometimes I wrote five posts a month and often I failed to write a single post. Many a time the blank paper won against the writer in me. But I remained passionate about this blog throughout the three years long journey. This blog is just like my baby whom I nurture with love, affection and care. I hope to keep on sharing my experiences with you all for many such years to come.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep.

-Robert Frost