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Welcome to Travel Realizations, my travel and lifestyle blog celebrating experiences from all around the world. I write about journeys to places both well known and off-beat, local and faraway – incorporating their natural landscape, monuments, people, lifestyle, history, culture and food. I write stories that fondly celebrate experiences and the deeper realizations that result from these experiences. I like to have an intimate connection with my readers through my social media channels and it is their love and appreciation that inspires me to craft a virtual window to this mesmerising world of ours, with all its beauty and diversity.

Why partner with Travel Realizations?

Travel Realizations brings stories and celebrates experiences from all around the world in a way that is honest and relatable to my audience. Travel Realizations is growing rapidly across and I have a large organic presence (64,000+ followers) on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. This allows me to have an intimate and real-time connection with my readers, which I really cherish. I am amazed by the enquiries, thanks and appreciation I receive from them regularly. My highly engaged readers find the travel and lifestyle recommendations on my blog and social media channels genuinely useful and I always strive to create and promote the best content for my readers.

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How we can work together

Sponsored Content and Product Reviews

Do you represent any of the following – tourism board, boutique or luxury hotel/resort, travel agency, local tour company, museum, cultural institution, restaurant, winery, cultural show or event? Then Travel Realizations can be your perfect partner to reach a highly perceptive travel loving audience.
Do you have a great lifestyle product related to beauty, fashion, travel or home decor that you would like to promote? A highly engaged audience that loves authentic and creative content and values honest reviews awaits you at Travel Realizations!
If you are interested in a promotional post on and/or on my social channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) to reach a large audience, and attract new visitors and potential clients linking to your website or social channels, get in touch with me at

Social Media Mentions

Travel Realizations has a large organic and active audience on Instagram (30,500+ followers), Twitter (25,000+ followers), Pinterest (7000+ followers) and Facebook (1800+ followers). According to Global Web Index, users spend up to 3 hours on social media and a brand’s social media presence is vital for reaching a wider audience. Contact me at to collaborate on Instagram using posts, stories, reel, IGTV, on Twitter using tweets and fleets, and using Facebook posts and stories and Pinterest story pins. We can come up with content and a schedule that is relevant to your brand’s needs and Travel Realizations.

Fam/Media Trips

Naturally, I am very passionate about exploring new places – both in the United States (I live in California) and abroad. Invite me to experience your destination to showcase what makes it special! You decide the itinerary and I will follow along, sharing the journey with my followers in real time on social media in addition to longer articles on my blog. Contact me at to set up a trip.

Brand Ambassador

Through a brand ambassadorship, I will promote your brand through a long-term partnership, coming up with blog posts and unique & new content on social media on a biweekly (or other mutually agreed) frequency. Choosing Travel Realizations as an ambassador for your brand will allow you to do continuous promotion, increases stickyness and lead to enhance visibility on social channels. Contact me at and I will be happy to discuss further about possible long term collaborations, tailored to your frequency and budget.

Product Giveaways and Discount Coupons

Promoting your brand through giveaways and discount coupons is a great way to let people try out your great new product or service and receive feedback. Travel Realizations can be a gateway to reach a highly engaged audience who can give you honest feedback. Contact me at to discuss about promotions that a mutually relevant to your brand and Travel Realizations!

Any Other Collaboration Idea?

I am sure there are a zillion more ways that Travel Realizations and your brand or organisation can work together and help each other out. Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at and I am always open to try out new ideas!

Contact Travel Realizations

For more information on how you can collaborate with Travel Realizations and if you are interested in my Media Kit, contact me at!

My charges vary with the scope, duration and complexity of the project.

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