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San Francisco to Redwood National Park Road Trip: Best Route, Stops, and Itinerary

Embark on the quintessential Northern California adventure as you journey from the urban charm of San Francisco to the awe-inspiring wilderness of Redwood National Park.

This road trip transcends a simple commute; it’s a journey of enchanting discoveries through the Golden State’s diverse landscapes—from the cosmopolitan buzz of the Bay Area and the soothing whispers of coastal tides to the pastoral elegance of wine country, culminating in the ancient, towering majesties of the Redwoods.

This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the best routes, essential stops, and a thoughtfully curated itinerary for your San Francisco to Redwood National Park road trip.

  • Three Captivating Routes: Coastal views, wine country delights, or the expansive inland—choose your own path.
  • Iconic Stops: Discover hidden gems and popular landmarks along each route.
  • Detailed Itineraries: We’ve planned every step so you can savor every moment of your journey.
  • Accommodation Tips: Find the best places to recharge if you prefer luxury lodges or cozy campsites.
  • Travel Tips: Learn the optimal times to visit and how to ensure your road trip goes smoothly.
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Route Overview: A Snapshot of Three Diverse Routes from San Francisco to Redwood National Park

Route NameHighlightsScenic Features
Cultural Stops
Coastal RoutePoint Reyes National Seashore- Bodega Bay- MendocinoPacific Ocean views – Cliff-side vistas- Redwood forestsHistoric Fort Ross – Art galleries in Mendocino – Eureka’s Victorian architecture
Wine and Wilderness RouteSonoma County vineyards – Clear Lake – Drive-Thru Tree ParkRolling vineyards- Clear Lake vistas- Ancient redwoods Wine tasting in Healdsburg – Drive-Thru Tree Park- Skunk Train
Inland RouteSacramento National Wildlife Refuge – Redding’s Sundial Bridge- Whiskeytown Lake
Shasta-Trinity National Forest- Mount Shasta views- Trinity AlpsRedding’s museums -Whiskeytown – Lake Shasta Caverns

Discovering San Francisco: Your Starting Point to Redwood National Park

Before embarking on your journey from San Francisco to Redwood National Park, immerse yourself in the unique essence of San Francisco.

Known for its colorful neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, and breathtaking vistas, San Francisco is a world unto itself.

Experience the architectural majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge, explore the historic Alcatraz Island, stroll through the bustling streets of Chinatown, and admire the vibrant street art and murals scattered throughout the city.

For relaxation, Golden Gate Park offers a lush escape, and Fisherman’s Wharf provides a taste of the city’s diverse culinary scene.

The Marin Headlands in Marin County, just a short drive away, offer sweeping views of the city and a preview of the coastal majesty that awaits.

Not far from the city, Muir Woods National Monument presents an early opportunity to stand in awe of towering redwood trees, a serene prelude to the grandeur of giant redwoods in the Redwood National and State Parks.

Whether you’re pressed for time or eager to uncover all the city offers, my curated guides are here to ensure your San Francisco experience is unforgettable:

Where to stay in San Francisco

Choose from a diverse selection of accommodations, ranging from luxurious hotels to budget-friendly hostels in popular neighborhoods such as Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, or Nob Hill, to ensure a comfortable and convenient base for exploring the city.


Fairmont San Francisco – A historic hotel located atop Nob Hill, offering elegant accommodations, fine dining, and stunning city views. Book your stay now.


Hotel Zephyr – A boutique hotel near Fisherman’s Wharf, with stylish, nautically-themed rooms and convenient access to popular attractions. Book your stay now.


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Route 1: Coastal Route

Coastal Route: Best Stops and Highlights

For a quintessential Northern California experience that captures the region’s breathtaking beauty, I highly recommend the Coastal Route.

It is a path less about the destination and more about the journey itself, offering an immersive experience into Northern California’s diverse and stunning coastal environment.

Immerse yourself in a complete sensory and visual feast, from the majestic shorelines to the tranquil embrace of ancient redwoods.

I recommend dedicating at least 4-6 days to fully savor the Coastal Route. This will allow you to meander through quaint coastal towns, connect with vibrant local cultures, and bask in the unparalleled natural landscapes.

For those pressed for time, the Wine and Wilderness Route presents a viable alternative, providing a condensed but equally enchanting glimpse into the heart of Northern California’s scenic wonders.

Coastal Route Itinerary

  • Distance: One hour of drive (43 miles).
  • Recommended time: One Day in Point Reyes.

Morning: Depart from San Francisco and drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. This iconic crossing offers stunning views of the city and bay, making for an unforgettable start to your journey.

Midday: Explore Sausalito and have lunch with a view of the bay. This charming town provides a picturesque setting and a variety of dining options that cater to all tastes.

Beautiful Sausalito!

Afternoon: Arrive at Point Reyes National Seashore, a stunning expanse of coastal wilderness.

Evening: Check into a hotel and dine in Point Reyes Station. The town offers cozy dining experiences that perfectly complement the day’s adventures.

Where to stay: For your stay in the Point Reyes area, consider these options:

  1. Point Reyes Hostel
  2. Olema House at Point Reyes
  3. Nick’s Cove & Cottages

What to do in point Reyes:

  • Begin your exploration in the quaint town of Inverness, a perfect blend of seaside charm and rustic scenery.
  • Don’t miss the Cypress Tree Tunnel, a naturally formed tunnel of trees that offers a mesmerizing photographic opportunity.
  • Continue to Drakes Beach, where the dramatic shoreline provides a perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll.
  • Conclude your afternoon with a visit to the iconic Point Reyes Lighthouse, perched at the edge of the continent, offering breathtaking ocean views and a chance to delve into the region’s maritime history.
  • If you want to dive deeper into the many wonders Point Reyes has to offer, my guide on 50 Top Things To Do in Point Reyes, California, will serve as your comprehensive resource.
  • Distance: 147 miles, and driving time is 3 hours and 47 minutes.
  • Recommended time: One or Two Days in Mendocino
One of my favorite romantic hotels near Mendocino!

Morning: Drive to Bodega Bay and enjoy breakfast by the water. After breakfast, embark on a hike at Bodega Head for panoramic vistas of the Pacific Ocean and the chance to spot whales during migration seasons.

Also, explore the locations made famous by Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Birds,” including the schoolhouse and the church.

For more activities and hidden gems in this scenic area, be sure to check out my blog post on the “30 Best Things To Do in Bodega Bay, California,” which offers a comprehensive guide to maximizing your visit.

Unmatched Ocean Views and Nature Trails at Bodega Head!

Midday: Continue north to Jenner, a scenic spot where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean. This picturesque convergence of river and ocean is ideal for photography and leisurely exploration.

The area around Jenner offers stunning coastal views and is a great place to appreciate the beauty of California’s rugged coastline.

Visit Fort Ross Historic Park, one of the best North Bay state parks, to learn about the area’s rich history as a Russian settlement.

The park provides insightful glimpses into early Russian colonial life in California through well-preserved structures and exhibits.

Afternoon: After soaking in the historical ambiance of Fort Ross, proceed to Sea Ranch. Here, take a moment to explore the Sea Ranch Chapel, a remarkable example of unique architecture harmoniously integrated with its natural surroundings.

The chapel, with its whimsical design and tranquil setting, offers a moment of reflection amidst the beauty of the coast.

If time permits, continue your journey to the Point Arena Lighthouse. It’s an ideal spot for history enthusiasts and those seeking panoramic ocean vistas.

Standing tall against the azure sky, the Point Arena Lighthouse – a beacon of light and an emblem of California’s splendid coastal heritage.

Evening: Upon arriving in Mendocino, immerse yourself in the village’s enchanting atmosphere. Check into your selected accommodation and take the evening to wander through Mendocino.

Spend your evening meandering through the village’s lantern-lit streets, where every corner tells a story, every building whispers of the past, and the Pacific’s gentle roar lulls you into tranquility.

This idyllic end to your day sets the stage for tomorrow’s adventures in exploring Mendocino’s cultural tapestry and natural splendor.

Where to stay: For your stay in Mendocino, consider these options:

  • Brewery Gulch Inn is a cozy bed and breakfast nestled in the redwoods, offering stunning views of the ocean and a daily gourmet breakfast.
  • Little River Inn is a historic inn that offers a range of accommodations, including ocean-view rooms and cozy cottages. Read my detailed review.
  • Sea Gull Inn is a charming bed and breakfast that’s within walking distance of the town’s shops and restaurants.

What to do in Mendocino:

  • Wander through historic downtown Mendocino, with its well-preserved Victorian architecture and local art galleries.
  • Explore Mendocino Headlands State Park for its stunning ocean views and rugged beauty.
  • Visit the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, where lush landscapes and floral displays offer a tranquil retreat.
  • If time permits, venture to Van Damme State Park, known for its fern-covered canyon, scenic beachfront, and enchanting Pygmy Forest.
  • For those keen to explore Mendocino’s diverse offerings and cultural highlights, my guide on “44 Top Things to Do in Mendocino, California” provides insider tips and must-see destinations, ensuring a rich and memorable journey.
  • Distance: 143 miles, and driving time is 3 hours
  • Recommended time: One Day in Eureka
Carson Mansion, a large Victorian house in Old Town, Eureka!

Morning: Enjoy the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. Stroll among floral displays, native plants, and scenic trails overlooking the Pacific.

A peaceful morning here is the perfect way to appreciate the natural beauty of the area.

After soaking in the serene atmosphere of the gardens, continue your exploration of Mendocino’s natural wonders by heading to Mendocino Headlands State Park.

Just a short drive away, this state park surrounds the quaint village of Mendocino and offers dramatic ocean vistas, rugged cliffs, and access to secluded beaches.

Midday: Make your way to Fort Bragg, a vibrant town just a short drive north of Mendocino. Begin your exploration with a visit to the Point Cabrillo Light Station.

This historic lighthouse offers not just a glimpse into maritime history but also breathtaking views of the Pacific, making it a must-visit for both its scenic and educational value.

After soaking in the panoramic vistas, enjoy lunch at one of Fort Bragg’s local eateries.

Following lunch, head to Glass Beach, renowned for its sea-smoothed glass pebbles. This unique beach is not only a testament to nature’s transformative power but also a photographer’s paradise and a fascinating stop for eco-conscious visitors.

The colorful glass fragments against the backdrop of the ocean create a stunning visual experience that captures the essence of Fort Bragg’s coastal charm.

For an in-depth exploration of all that Fort Bragg has to offer, from hidden gems to popular attractions, be sure to check out my blog post on the “48 Top Things to Do in Fort Bragg, California.”

Afternoon: Continue your journey to one of Northern California’s most revered natural wonders, the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

This iconic drive-through towering ancient redwoods offers a perspective-shifting experience. Pull over at designated spots to take short hikes or simply marvel at the size and serenity of these ancient trees.

The Avenue of the Giants is more than a route; it’s a journey through time.

Evening: Arrive in Eureka, a city known for its well-preserved Victorian architecture and rich maritime heritage.

Check into your hotel and then venture out for dinner. Eureka’s dining scene boasts an array of options, especially fresh, local seafood.

Try one of the waterfront restaurants for a meal with a view, ending your day with the taste of Northern California’s finest.

Where to Stay: Eureka Inn, Trademark Collection by Wyndham – For those seeking a stay steeped in history near Redwood National and State Parks, the Eureka Inn in Eureka Town, California, is an excellent choice. This historic hotel, listed on the National Register of Historical Places, showcases Elizabethan Tudor architecture and is famed for its Redwood Lounge. Book a stay here!

What to Do in Eureka:

  • Take a leisurely walk along Eureka’s historic Old Town. The area’s beautifully preserved buildings and local shops provide a glimpse into the city’s past.
  • For those interested in the arts, check out the Morris Graves Museum of Art or one of the local galleries showcasing the work of Northern California artists.
  • Distance: 40 miles and driving time is 43 min
  • Recommended time: Two/Three Days in Redwood National and State Parks

Morning: Kickstart your day with a leisurely exploration of Eureka’s historic Old Town, where Victorian architecture meets contemporary culture.

Meander through its streets, enjoy a local breakfast, and soak up the early vibes of this vibrant town.Stroll along the boardwalk, enjoy a coffee at one of the quaint cafés, and take in the vibrant atmosphere of this charming city.

Midday: Leave Eureka behind as you set off toward Redwood National and State Parks. En route, take the scenic drive along Newton B. Drury Parkway.

This less-traveled road winds through the heart of ancient redwoods, offering a serene and awe-inspiring journey. Stop at the Prairie Creek Visitor Center to gather information on the park’s trails and history.

Just a short drive from the visitor center, visit the Roosevelt elk meadow, where you might spot these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, providing a unique wildlife viewing opportunity.

Way to wilderness!

Afternoon/Evening: As you arrive at Redwood National and State Parks, the grandeur of the ancient forest welcomes you.

Settle into your accommodation and prepare for the days ahead, where the towering trees and vast landscapes beckon you to explore.

To make the most of your visit to Redwood National and State Parks, check out my guide on “29 Best Things To Do In Redwood National and State Parks, California.

This comprehensive resource is filled with tips, trail recommendations, and must-see sights to ensure you experience the best of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Route 2: Wine and Wilderness Route

Wine and Wilderness Route: Best Stops and Highlights

  • San Francisco: The vibrant starting point of your journey.
  • Healdsburg: A haven for wine aficionados.
  • Clear Lake: The largest natural freshwater lake in California
  • Drive-Thru Tree Park: Encounter the majesty of California’s redwoods.
  • Willits: Known as the “Gateway to the Redwoods.”
  • Redwood National and State Parks: The ultimate destination for ancient forest exploration.

For those embarking on a road trip to Redwood National Park, Coastal Route is my top recommendation for its scenic beauty and a plethora of enriching experiences.

However, if you’re constrained by time but still want a taste of Northern California’s charm, the Wine and Wilderness Route, Route 2, is your go-to choice.

While it’s possible to drive this route in a single day, I strongly suggest allocating two days for the trip.

This allows for a leisurely exploration of Northern California’s renowned wine country and its lush wilderness, perhaps with a restful overnight stay by the tranquil Clear Lake.

Taking this extra time ensures you can fully appreciate each stop without feeling rushed, making for a more enjoyable and memorable road trip.

Wine and Wilderness Route Itinerary

  • Distance: 109 miles and driving time is 2 hr 35 min 
  • Recommended time: One Day in Clear Lake

Morning: Depart from San Francisco. Enjoy the city’s morning buzz before you head out.

Midday: Arrive in Healdsburg. Explore the town square, taste local wines, and savor a gourmet lunch.

Beautiful Healdsburg!

Afternoon: Travel to Clear Lake. Check-in at a lakefront lodge and spend the afternoon engaging in water activities or a scenic drive around the lake.

Clear Lake is located in Lake County, California.  It is the largest natural freshwater lake in California.

One of the most notable features of Clear Lake is Mount Konocti. This dormant volcano towers over the lake, reaching an elevation of 4,300 feet.

Mount Konocti is a popular destination for hikers and climbers, and several trails wind their way to the summit.

From the top of Mount Konocti, visitors can enjoy stunning views of Clear Lake and the surrounding countryside.

Evening: Relax by the lake. Dine at a lakeside restaurant, enjoying fresh, local cuisine.

Overnight: Stay at a lakeside hotel or resort in Clear Lake, absorbing the peaceful natural ambiance.

Where to stay: Skylark Shores Resort

What to do in Clear Lake:

  • Drive to Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument and feel how the dense press of civilization lifts and the open wilderness weaves itself into the landscape. The Berryessa Snow Mountain was only designated in 2015 as a national monument. The entire area is rich in the history of the Native Americans and the gold rush era.
  • Visit Clear Lake State Park and Anderson Marsh State Historic Park.
  • Experience the booming wine region powered by Mediterranean microclimates and volcanic ash-rich soil, allowing for bountiful grape harvests.
  • Indulge in some wine tasting at Brassfield Estate Winery or Cache Creek Vineyards & Winery, close to Clear Lake.
  • Distance: 237 miles and driving time is 4 hr 13 min
  • Recommended time: Two/Three Days in Redwood National and State Parks

Morning: Have breakfast in Clear Lake. Begin the drive toward Chandelier Drive-Through Tree Park.

Midday: Reach Chandelier Drive-Through Tree Park. Drive through an awe-inspiring redwood tree and take time to explore the surrounding area, where the forest’s grandeur is on full display.

Chandelier Drive-Through Tree Park

Afternoon: Continue to Willits, where history and nature converge.

Visit the Mendocino County Museum to delve into the local heritage, or enjoy a scenic journey aboard the Skunk Train as it winds through towering forests and over rustic bridges.

Next, make your way to Garberville, an ideal spot to refuel and savor local flavors. Il Forno Bakery is perfect for a quick, delicious sandwich or a rejuvenating coffee.

Just outside Garberville, you’ll find Richardson Grove State Park. Here, you can wander among ancient redwoods, relax by the Eel River, and visit the informative visitor center.

This park provides a serene setting to enjoy your lunch and offers a chance to stretch your legs amidst nature’s tranquility.

Your next stop is the One Log House, an intriguing roadside attraction showcasing the ingenuity of carving a residence out of a single redwood log. Don’t miss the charming gift shop for unique souvenirs.

Evening: Drive to Redwood National and State Parks. Enter the park and witness the towering redwoods as the sun begins to set.

Echoes of the Wild: A Majestic Roosevelt Elk Calls Through the Roosevelt Elk Meadow

Overnight: Choose a park lodge or nearby accommodation to enjoy the early morning amongst the giant redwoods.

By splitting the journey into two days, this itinerary allows for a full appreciation of Northern California’s wine country and its unique wilderness without the rush of a single day’s travel.

Route 3: Inland Route

Inland Route: Best Stops and Highlights

For a journey through the diverse landscapes of California, the Inland Route offers a unique perspective, especially for Bay Area residents or those who have previously traveled the Coastal and Wine and Wilderness Routes.

It presents a different facet of Northern California, rich with inland beauty and less-traveled paths. It’s particularly appealing for those seeking new routes or coming from the Bay Area, providing fresh sights and experiences that differ from the coastal scenery.

While the Coastal Route is unmatched for its dramatic ocean views and the Wine and Wilderness Route captures the essence of NorCal’s vineyards and forests, the Inland Route is a treasure in its own right.

Traverse the Inland route to discover the inland charms—from wetlands teeming with life to the underground splendor of ancient caverns, culminating in the majestic redwood forests that stand as sentinels of time.

This route, rich in both natural and man-made wonders, offers a comprehensive experience of Northern California’s heartland.

While the Inland Route showcases a unique side of Northern California, it’s worth noting that during the summer months, the temperatures can soar, making it considerably hotter than the coastal areas.

If you prefer milder weather for your travels, it may be best to choose this route during the cooler times of the year.

Inland Route Itinerary

  • Distance: 217 miles, and driving time is 3 hr 30 min
  • Recommended time: One/Two Days in Redding

Morning: Depart from the vibrant streets of San Francisco, heading towards the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge.

Midday: Arrive at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge and enjoy the peaceful trails and birdwatching opportunities in the early afternoon.

Afternoon: Drive to Redding, making time to visit the awe-inspiring Sundial Bridge and explore the Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

Sundial Bridge in Redding!

Evening: After a day of adventure, check into your Redding hotel, where comfort meets convenience.

Refresh and relax before heading out for dinner at a local restaurant, where you can enjoy the culinary delights of the region with views of the gently flowing Sacramento River.

As night falls, don’t miss the chance to see the Sundial Bridge illuminated against the night sky, a stunning sight and a modern marvel of engineering.

Additionally, if you’re visiting during the holiday season, the Redding Garden of Lights at Turtle Bay Exploration Park offers a festive spectacle, transforming the park into a winter wonderland of twinkling lights and holiday cheer.

Overnight: Stay in Redding, which offers a variety of lodging options from riverside hotels to cozy inns.

Where To Stay:

When considering where to stay in Redding, the Sheraton Redding Hotel at the Sundial Bridge stands out as a top choice, especially based on my personal experience staying there.

What To Do in Redding:

  • Begin with the natural allure of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, where the crystal-clear lake and numerous trails offer abundant outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, and even gold panning.
  • Don’t miss the underground marvel of Lake Shasta Caverns, where guided tours reveal stunning limestone formations and a step back into geological time.
  • Spend an afternoon at Turtle Bay Exploration Park, a 300-acre gathering place featuring a museum, botanical gardens, and the famous Sundial Bridge. Stroll along the Sacramento River Trail to enjoy the scenery and the harmonious blend of nature and architecture.

For those looking to extend their stay in Redding, be sure to read my blog post, “Redding, California: A Perfect Winter Getaway from the San Francisco Bay Area,” for all the insider tips on making the most of your visit.

Morning: Take a short drive to Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and enjoy the morning on the lake or on the trails.

Midday: Continue to the Lake Shasta Caverns. Take a guided tour to explore these fascinating subterranean landscapes.

Afternoon: Journey to the One Log House and Richardson Grove State Park. Enjoy your lunch amid the redwoods and explore the local flora and fauna.

Evening: Arrive at Redwood National and State Parks. Unwind as you enter a world dominated by the tallest trees on Earth.

Overnight: Choose an accommodation near the park, from rustic cabins to comfortable lodges, to immerse yourself fully in the redwood experience.

Exploring Redwood National and State Parks: A Treasure at Journey’s End

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of the redwood forest, where Redwood National and State Parks unfold in a tapestry of ancient majesty and natural splendor.

Traverse the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway, a route that meanders through pristine landscapes, revealing the towering grandeur of giant redwoods that have stood sentinel over these lands for centuries.

Discover the serene beauty of Lady Bird Johnson Grove, a testament to the enduring legacy of conservation and the enchanting allure of these ancient forests.

In Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, the wilderness comes alive with the sounds of nature, from the rustling of ferns in the lush Fern Canyon to the distant calls of wildlife that inhabit this verdant paradise.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park offers a rugged escape into landscapes untamed and awe-inspiring, where the Smith River carves its way through dense forests, creating a haven for adventurers and nature lovers alike.

The drive along Bald Hills Road presents breathtaking vistas and the unique opportunity to explore the diverse ecosystems that coexist within the park’s boundaries.

For those who seek to immerse themselves fully in the tranquility of these ancient groves, the parks offer endless trails and hidden nooks, each with its own story and spectacle.

Whether it’s the delicate mist weaving through the canopy or the sun-dappled clearings that appear like rooms in nature’s own cathedral, the redwood forest is a place of profound beauty and serenity.

To delve deeper into the wonders of Redwood National and State Parks and to uncover the secrets of these timeless forests, check out my guide on “29 Best Things To Do In Redwood National and State Parks, California.

This comprehensive guide is filled with tips, trail recommendations, scenic drives, hidden gems and must-see sights to ensure you experience the best of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Where to Stay Near Redwood National and State Parks

When planning a visit to Redwood National and State Parks, finding the right accommodation near the park enhances the experience. In addition to the towns of Eureka, Klamath, and Crescent City, Orick offers convenient lodging options.

  • Eureka Inn, Trademark Collection by Wyndham – For those seeking a stay steeped in history near Redwood National and State Parks, the Eureka Inn in Eureka Town, California, is an excellent choice. This historic hotel, listed on the National Register of Historical Places, showcases Elizabethan Tudor architecture and is famed for its Redwood Lounge. Book a stay here!
  • View Crest Lodge – View Crest Lodge, boasting a stunning location in Trinidad, is an excellent choice for accommodation. Situated merely 5 minutes from the beach, it offers cozy cottages. Conveniently, View Crest Lodge is just an 18-minute drive from the Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center, making it a great base for exploring the area. Book a stay here!

Best Time to Visit Redwood National and State Parks

Redwood National and State Parks enchant in every season.

Spring: The park awakens with colorful rhododendrons and lively waterfalls, offering mild weather and sparse crowds.

Summer: Enjoy long, sunny days perfect for hiking and paddling, though expect fog and visitors along the coast.

Autumn: The fall brings a burst of color and cooler, quieter days ideal for photography.

Winter: Experience the quiet solitude of the redwoods, with rain adding to the park’s mystical atmosphere.

Choose your season based on your desired experience, from solitary winter walks to vibrant spring trails.

Return Route to San Francisco

After immersing yourself in the natural grandeur of Redwood National and State Parks, the journey back to San Francisco offers another opportunity for exploration.

While any of the routes detailed above can be comfortably reversed, taking a different route home allows you to include new sights and experiences.

Whether you choose to retrace your steps or embark on a new path, each route presents its own unique landscapes and attractions.

Opting for an alternate route not only enriches your travel portfolio but also maximizes the sights you can enjoy across Northern California.

This approach ensures your road trip is as varied and fulfilling on the return as it was on the way there, full of discoveries and lasting memories.

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Travel Realizations

As we wind down the roads that ribbon through the grandeur of Northern California, our journey transcends mere movement from place to place; it becomes a passage through diverse realms of wonder.

From the pulsing heart of San Francisco to the silent majesty of the Redwoods, each mile traveled is a story unfurled, a memory etched, a realization dawned.

This road trip is not just a route taken but a chapter in life’s grand adventure, a reminder to savor each moment, and a prompt to gaze with wide-eyed wonder at the world.

Let these routes be your guide, your muse, and your path to new realizations as the beauty of Northern California unfolds before you, mile by mile.

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