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Beautiful Vignettes of Vancouver!

Vancouver is a beautiful city on the Pacific shore of British Columbia, Canada. Cosmopolitan yet close to nature, Vancouver offers visitors many things to see and do.

Top attractions include the grand urban oasis of Stanley Park, a must-see with its gardens, totem poles and Girl in a Wetsuit statue.

The Museum of Anthropology hosts wondrous totem poles by First Nations and the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park offers thrills of walking on hanging bridges, big and small.

Many more experiences beckoned when we were approaching Vancouver on a balmy summer night.

My Vancouver Diary!

Vancouver greeted us with a marvelous moonshine. After seeing Vallea Lumina, a fabulous artwork of light and storytelling in Whistler, when we reached Vancouver by car, we saw the sparkling sea under a full moon night.

If Vancouver had been a man then he could have felt the silent applause of my eyes. The scene instantly instilled in me the desire to see the beautiful vignettes of Vancouver.

I opened the car window wide open and felt the balmy night and saw the glassy downtown afar.

The next day, after a few hours of sleep, all of us, including our three-year-old daughter, were ready to get the wheels of our car rolling and start exploring.

Top things to see in Vancouver – A video!

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10 Best Things To Do in Banff and Jasper National Parks, Canada [2024]

Craving majestic mountains and epic adventures? Banff and Jasper National Parks await! Explore turquoise lakes, hike glaciers, and spot wildlife. This guide unveils 10 unforgettable experiences in Canada’s wilderness paradise.

Every day at night I pull my blanket up to my forehead to cut off all possible lights coming from the modern world and crest towards dreams.

During my trip to the Canadian Rockies, I didn’t pull my blanket at night because the internet and appliance rich modern world took a backseat, and a dream-like reality, set in an idyllic location, encompassed my whole existence.

The soothing sounds of water from the rivers and waterfalls, smells of berries and flowers, and scenes of refreshing greenery all around rendered my days delightful.

Every time I saw the beautiful birds in different colors flying cheerfully from spruce to pine and resting on a pebble in a tumbling mountain stream, I felt an urge to relinquish the lure of a comfortable modern life and embrace wilderness for the rest of my life.

While I am still on my zigzag way, pursuing the diagonal between reason and heart, let me present you with chronicles of the Canadian Rockies as I witnessed them in the beautiful Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada!

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