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Einstein House Tour in Bern, Switzerland: A review!

Be it the internet, cell phones, TVs, digital cameras, MRI body scanners, and many other revolutionary things, we all owe them to Albert Einstein, the most influential scientist of the 20th century.

He spent much of his life in Switzerland, where he studied, worked, and found love.

But it’s within the heart of Bern, in a modest apartment building, where the secrets of Einstein’s genius truly lie.

It was here, at Kramgasse No. 49, that Albert Einstein lived, loved, and forever changed our understanding of the universe.

Step inside Albert Einstein’s house, now the Einstein Museum, and walk in the footsteps of genius!

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Mysterious World of Dreams – The Freud Museum in Vienna

The idiosyncrasy of dreams is mysterious yet fascinating. The rules of reality do not apply to the world of dreams. It is known yet unknown, it reflects our conscious mind yet it originates in the subconscious mind and the most interesting part to me is, it is unreal yet it shadows reality.

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