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Mothers Imagined – A photo essay!

Mother is not just a word, but a feeling. It has a profound influence on our lives, not from the day we were born, but from the time we were in the realm of possibility. We start from her.

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Mother and daughter

A soliloquy of a mother!

When imagination comes true, reality becomes a surprise and eventually a celebration. Reality surprises me everyday. I was so used to imagining my baby sleeping beside me, cuddling each other, that now when it is happening, I often have to convince myself that these are the days for which I have waited for so long are finally here. They are no more distant. She melts me every moment. 

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Chirantana in pink

Chirantana – Existence Forever!

This is a personal post for my readers who all love reading my blog.

I am glad to announce the birth of our daughter, our first child, Chirantana on the 18th of November, 2015 in Switzerland. Chirantana means existence forever or immortal. It is not easy to pen down the feelings of becoming a mother. So many emotions merge into one.

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