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Stuttgart TV tower, Travel Realizations

Stuttgart TV Tower – The world’s first TV tower built in concrete in Germany!

The Stuttgart TV tower (Fernsehturm Stuttgartis the world’s first telecommunication tower built from reinforced concrete. The Berlin TV tower, the space needle in Seattle, USA and hundreds of other towers are inspired by this well known landmark of Stuttgart, Germany. Fritz Leonhardt the famous structural engineer from Stuttgart was the mind behind this tower. He envisioned a tower that would serve not only a technical necessity but would also give pleasure to people. The observatory deck and a cafe inside the tower is the result of his vision.

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The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall!

Today 9th November, 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – which endured as the symbol of conflict between the Communist and non-Communist worlds for almost thirty long years! Freedom was the triumphant winner on 9th November, 1989 (twenty five years back) with the fall of the wall. This calls for celebration and jubilation since freedom is the most valuable treasure in personal, societal, political or in economical fronts.

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Dachau Concentration Camp.

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site (Germany)

One of my biggest weaknesses is travelling. It enriches me. On one hand, the wonderful nature in Norway,  Switzerland , France and Denmark etc instills me with peace, inspiring places like Nobel Museum in Stockholm , CERN Switzerland , The Neils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen and The Freud Museum in Vienna etc inspires me and on the other hand some places take away words from my pen, takes away thoughts from my mind and senses from within.

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“The Best or Nothing” – The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany!

In my adolescence, I used to dream about a romantic date where I would be inside a Mercedes Benz car and heading towards the sea with the windows wide open and the gushing air would refresh both of us along with some rain droplets. A lovely melodious and romantic song in the car would heighten passions in the dark starlit night!! Well, whether my dream date became a reality or not, let me keep it a secret. But to my surprise, I got an opportunity to visit the Mercedes Benz Museum a few days back. I was thrilled and anxious to know more about my dream car company when I reached there. I must acknowledge that I used to know very little about Mercedes-Benz before the visit.

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