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The Festival of Lights in Berlin, Germany!

Around 11 am, my jet-lagged eyes saw the October morning brimming with autumnal lights for the first time in Berlin. Summer had trickled into autumn, unlike California, from where I boarded the flight two days back. I treated myself with a cup of coffee and sat down to peep into the city from my hotel window. It almost felt like a Facebook feed because of its continuously changing scenes. Then I decided to open the window a little and instantly the city came alive. The aroma from the Pizza shop, the sound of laughter and conversations, and the people made it real and intimate, unlike the virtual world. The open streets that I could see from above have an allure that’s hard to avoid. Therefore, without wasting much time, I quickly planned to see the ongoing Festival of Lights in Berlin, Germany and walk the history-filled roads of Berlin.

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The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall!

Today 9th November 2021 marks the 32nd anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – which endured as the symbol of conflict between the Communist and non-Communist worlds for almost thirty long years! Freedom was the triumphant winner on 9th November, 1989 (twenty five years back) with the fall of the wall. This calls for celebration and jubilation since freedom is the most valuable treasure in personal, societal, political or in economical fronts.

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