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Discovering Seward, Alaska: 37 Exciting Experiences for Your Travel Itinerary

Imagine a land where ice-blue glaciers spill into the ocean, where snow-dusted peaks frame a sapphire bay, and whales paint playful arcs against the vast Alaskan sky.

This isn’t a dream; it’s Seward, Alaska, a gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park.

Nestled at the edge of Resurrection Bay, Seward offers a land of epic glaciers, jagged peaks, and abundant wildlife, promising an otherworldly Alaskan adventure.

Discover hidden waterfalls tucked amidst dense forests, and marvel at the marine life dancing beneath your boat. Seward is a place where the extraordinary becomes your everyday.

Here are some of the best things to do in Seward, Alaska.

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Explore Valdez, Alaska, with This Comprehensive Travel Guide

Nestled amidst glacier-clad mountains and kissed by the icy embrace of Prince William Sound, Valdez, Alaska, beckons the intrepid explorer with a symphony of adventure.

Imagine: Worthington Glacier shimmering on Thompson Pass, Bridal Veil Falls whispering secrets in Keystone Canyon, and humpback Whales painting the sky with acrobatic leaps in Port Valdez.

But the grandeur doesn’t stop there. Sail amidst towering ice formations on a Columbia Glacier Cruise, witnessing nature’s raw power as ancient glacial chunks calve into the turquoise waters.

All this unfolds within a stone’s throw, making Valdez an Alaska-in-miniature where adventure bursts from every corner.

Get ready to dive into 30 experiences that will leave you breathless, from heart-pounding glacier cruises to soul-stirring hikes.

The beauty of the untamed wilderness in Valdez, Alaska, awaits. It is a tapestry woven from glacier-kissed mountains, cascading waterfalls, and a coastline alive with breaching whales. Prepare to be swept away!

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Columbia Glacier Cruise from Valdez, Alaska: A Review

Columbia Glacier Cruise from Valdez, Alaska, is more than just a 6-hour journey; it’s an awe-inspiring escapade that captures the essence of Alaska’s wilderness in its purest form.

Valdez, often called the “Switzerland of Alaska,” is the perfect backdrop to begin this voyage. Nestled in Prince William Sound, Valdez is a hidden gem—a slice of paradise enveloped by rainforests, tidewater glaciers, and towering mountains.

One afternoon in August, as the clock inched toward 2:30 p.m., our excursion began from Valdez towards Columbia Glacier, the largest tidewater glacier in Prince William Sound and the second largest in North America.

A canopy of clouds initially shrouded the sky, but they gradually dispersed as if to offer us an unobstructed view of Alaska’s splendor.

Our journey through Alaska’s pristine wilderness was skillfully guided by the seasoned team at Stan Stephens Glacier & Wildlife Cruises.

If your Alaskan adventure checklist features encountering plenty of wildlife, beautiful waterfalls, sailing amidst huge chunks of ice and large icebergs, and witnessing a beautiful glacier and its majestic sprawl, this cruise is an experience you can’t afford to miss.

My family and I—my husband, our 22-month-old explorer, and our 7-year-old nature enthusiast—sailed into this natural wonderland, ready to experience realms of wonder only Alaska can offer.

Trust me, it’s a crescendo worth experiencing.

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Seward Windsong Lodge: Best Place to Stay in Seward, Alaska

Seward Windsong Lodge is the best place to stay in Seward, Alaska.  It stands as a majestic testament to the splendor of nature and the intrinsic charm of the Alaskan wilderness.

During my recent trip to Seward, I stayed here for three nights with my family, and our experience was phenomenal. From the moments we arrived to the times, we said our goodbyes, every experience resonated with unparalleled excellence.

Nestled alongside the Resurrection River, right on the edge of Chugach National Forest near Exit Glacier, the Windsong Lodge offers a vantage point.

Positioned conveniently, just a few mere minutes and miles away from Seward’s vibrant port and the majestic Kenai Fjords National Park, the lodge envelops guests in a tranquil setting, serving as an idyllic base for exploring the region and unwinding in nature’s lap.

For those seeking a memorable stay in Seward, this lodge seamlessly blends comfort, natural beauty, and Alaskan charm. Let’s delve deeper into what makes it the best place to stay in Seward, Alaska. 

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Kenai Fjords Tours from Seward, Alaska: A Review

Kenai Fjords Tours from Seward, invite you to a world nestled in the remote wilds of Alaska, where glaciers have sculpted towering fjords and marine life frolics in pristine waters.

This breathtaking spectacle at Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula offers a unique beauty, with nearly 40 glaciers flowing from the Harding Icefield to create a rugged coastline teeming with wildlife.

Accessible by boat from the charming harbor town of Seward, this landscape is a glimpse into a world where nature’s grand theater unfolds.

On a crisp and clear Alaskan day, my husband, our 22-month-old son, and our 7-year-old daughter and I embarked on a journey with the Kenai Fjords National Park Tour.

This six-hour voyage took us across seas that whisper ancient tales and landscapes that echo the songs of Earth’s very creation.

From the icy embrace of Aialik Glacier to the playful leaps of humpback whales, the adventure became a tapestry woven with threads of wonder, discovery, and connection.

Join me as I recount a voyage unlike any other, a tour that beckons not just to the traveler in you but to the seeker, the dreamer, and the philosopher.

How does the wild Alaskan landscape speak to a 7-year-old’s imagination? What is the gentle sway of the boat to a 22-month-old toddler?

Come along on this journey and witness a family adventure through the eyes of young and old, where the majestic meets the mystical and where every discovery holds a reflection of ourselves.

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