Wondering where to travel this year? With the world at your doorstep, it can be tricky to pick a destination. For some inspiration that’ll give you serious wanderlust, we’ve picked five of the safest destinations to consider, without having to compromise on fun, sun or natural beauty.

Check them out, and add your favourites to your must-visit list.

With the world at your doorstep, it can be tricky to pick a destination. For some inspiration that’ll give you serious wanderlust, we’ve picked five of the safest destinations to consider, without having to compromise on fun, sun or… Click To Tweet

The safest destinations to visit when travelling for the first time

1. Santorini

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/GkBqGIySm5Q

The bright white buildings and beautiful blue seas make Santorini one of the most picturesque places, arguably one of Greece’s most beautiful islands. Many of the photographs you’ll have seen will be of the town of Oia, home to spectacular architecture, including sprawling staircases which are the perfect spot to sit and watch a sunset after a day of exploring, hiking or just relaxing.

And the laidback, tranquil charm of Santorini lends itself to creating one of the safest environments in the world. Any first-time traveller should have this Greek hideaway on their bucket lists regardless, but its calm allure combined with its luxurious accommodation, gorgeous views and prevalent culture makes for one of the most desirable destinations anyone could visit.

2. South Africa

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/bYzKRZX34P8

According to one of the leading travel blogs, “much is misunderstood — or at the very least generalised and oversimplified — about this country.” This includes the perception that it’s a dangerous place to travel. There are precautions you should take, but South Africa is somewhere everyone should consider.

The opportunities here in South Africa are arguably underrated, too. Safaris are ever popular in the country, with plenty of wildlife and natural wonders to discover. Best of all, the lack of tourism here means you’ll be able to explore unspoiled landscapes without the distraction of big crowds.

3. Oslo

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/aS3ftVZLrVI

Unless you’re coming from other Scandinavian countries, Oslo is notoriously expensive – but exceptionally safe. Norway’s capital city is modern and vibrant, with amazing architecture, friendly locals, and great cuisine. There’s a lot to enjoy.

What’s more, what other city is also boasts natural surroundings of sea, fjords and forests? As the Evening Standard says, you can’t imagine taking the tube from Oxford Circus north and finding yourself in deep forest. But go 20 minutes on the metro from Oslo’s centre, and you’ll reach the unspoilt Nordmarka forest. This balance is what makes Oslo so special.

4.  New York

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/kZokA2VTKn4

City breaks don’t get more lavish than New York. You should go there at least once. The possibilities here are endless. An unparalleled music scene, museums and art galleries everywhere, skyscrapers, food from every country, it’s not only the city that never sleeps, but the city which offers you almost everything.

Whatever it is you want from your city break, New York City offers it all. Best of all, there’s different boroughs here that cater to every type of traveller – Manhattan is where you’ll find the biggest and best sights, from the Empire State Building to the sobering World Trade Center, but head over to Brooklyn via the bridge of the same name to discover a hip, up-and-coming part of the city that many other tourists are quickly uncovering.

5. Bora Bora

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/8xXYqz5X7yo

Bora Bora is basically the definition of tropical paradise. It’s an exclusive destination, largely due to the distance and cost needed to reach here. As such, the pristine beaches and natural beauty is unspoilt by mass tourism. But it’s not all about relaxation, as there’s plenty of action to get involved in.

Whether you fancy snorkelling the coral reefs, windsurfing above the surface or exploring on a 4×4 safari, Bora Bora offers the best experiences. Its paradise-like aura only raises one problem – you’ll find it very difficult to have to come home.

Where’s the most lavish destination you’ve visited? Share your experiences and recommendations with us.

Disclosure: This blog post is in Collaboration with 1Cover and written by Dan Greene.

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