In the heart of Northern California, Redding shines as a beacon of natural beauty and adventure, and at the heart of this city’s winter charm is the Redding Garden of Lights.

This spectacular event features over one million lights on display throughout 10 acres of curated botanical gardens in McConnell Arboretum, transforming it into a festive wonderland.

As a travel blogger specializing in California’s hidden gems, I was drawn to the fusion of nature and artistry in this vibrant light display.

Redding, just a scenic drive from the San Francisco Bay Area, offers an ideal winter getaway, promising a blend of tranquility and festive cheer.

Eager to experience Redding’s festive transformation, I ventured into this luminescent world. The Garden of Lights, with its radiant charm, showcases how Redding brightens the winter season with its unique and captivating allure.

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Enchanting Illuminations: Discovering the Magic of Redding’s Garden of Lights

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations

As the twilight deepens over Redding, a symphony of lights begins to play across the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, heralding the start of a nightly spectacle known as the Redding Garden of Lights.

It is here that the creative spirit of Redding comes to life, glowing with a warmth that invites visitors to explore and engage.

The Redding Garden of Lights is a journey through various enchanting sections, each with its own theme and charm.

Stay tuned as I guide you through these captivating sections, each an integral piece of the grand mosaic that makes the Redding Garden of Lights a must-visit destination.

It’s a place where the night is just as alive as the day, and the lights are as much a part of Redding as the stars in the sky.

Entrance to the Redding Garden of Lights

As you embark on this journey, the entire experience begins with a walk across the world-famous Sundial Bridge, spanning the Sacramento River, leading to a courtyard brimming with holiday-themed food and beverage stations.

Crossing this architectural marvel, I was not just entering the park but stepping into a realm where light, color, and sound meld into one.

As I ventured further, the air came alive with the sound of Christmas melodies. A chorus of local voices carried the spirit of the season, serenading visitors with carols that felt like a warm embrace.

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations

This harmonious welcome set the tone for the evening, reminding me that the Redding Garden of Lights is more than an attraction; it is a celebration of community, a symphony of sights and sounds that brings together people from all walks of life.

The Holiday Village at Redding Garden of Lights

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations
Garden entrance!

Upon entering the Redding Garden of Lights, the Holiday Village emerges as a festive hub, a place where the spirit of the season is palpable in the air.

It’s here that the warmth of community gathers, with a beautiful star-shaped illumination casting a gentle glow over smiling faces and shared laughter.

To one side, an array of eateries offers a taste of the holidays, with aromas that tempt the palate and promise comfort on a chilly winter’s night.

Nestled within this yuletide settlement are the VIP igloos, offering a cozy retreat for those looking for an intimate experience under the lights.

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations
VIP igloo experience

Nearby, fire pits crackle, inviting visitors to gather around their welcoming flames, perhaps to roast a marshmallow or simply bask in their warmth.

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations
The air is filled with the scents of the winter season, from the smoky aroma of fire pits and s’mores to the comforting allure of hot chocolate.

A joyous melody guides you to the Train Exhibit, a whimsical display that delights both the young and the young at heart.

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations
Model Train Town

Here, miniature trains zip through a landscape of twinkling lights and seasonal decor, a charming representation of holiday nostalgia.

The Holiday Village is not just a place but an experience, offering a slice of holiday cheer and a dash of magic to all who wander into its enchanting embrace.

A Walk Through Winter’s Glow

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations
The enchanting display at Turtle Bay Exploration Park becomes a playground for lasting memories.

Under the vast canvas of the Northern California sky, art and nature converge in a luminous dance, choreographed to the rhythms of music that fills the air.

Every path through the garden tells a different story, with lights that twinkle in harmony with the surrounding flora and fauna.

As the darkness settles, the park transforms into a vibrant exhibition of creativity, where each light represents a brushstroke on nature’s canvas.

Candy Cane Lane

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations

Stroll down Candy Cane Lane, where the whimsy of the holidays comes to life in red and white stripes.

The air is sweet with joy as towering candy canes stand as beacons, leading visitors through a sugary dream.

It’s a place where childhood fantasies reignite, and every step is accompanied by the soft crunch of imaginary snow underfoot.

Wintry Wildlife

In the Redding Garden of Lights, the Wintry Wildlife area is a glowing testament to the diverse fauna of the region.

As I meandered through, the lights revealed a charming scene of reptilian artistry with lizards aglow, nestled among the shrubbery in a quiet celebration of their natural habitat.

Turtles, with their shells shining in tranquil green hues, offered a moment of contemplative beauty, while the delightful caterpillars added a touch of whimsy, reminding us of the garden’s ever-present and transformative life force.

This illuminated menagerie, a fusion of the real and the fantastical, captures the essence of the wild, inviting onlookers into a serene yet enchanting corner of the world.

Prismatic Pollinators

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations
Every corner of the 10-acre garden immerses visitors in the holiday spirit, with animated light displays and music animations syncing to holiday music, creating a delightful atmosphere for the whole family.

Prismatic Pollinators buzz with vibrant colors, their wings aglow, transforming the garden into a vivid dreamscape.

This section hums with the energy of life, where butterflies and bees made of lights remind us of the vital dance between flora and fauna, a dance that continues even as the days grow short.

Meadow Merriment

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations

As I walked into the Meadow Merriment, the air was filled with the beautiful sounds of Christmas songs. The lights around me twinkled and danced, matching the rhythm of the music.

It was as if the whole meadow was alive with celebration. The colorful lights, shaped like trees and wrapped in blue and green, shone brightly against the night sky.

It was a moment of pure joy, where the music and lights played together, creating a festive atmosphere that made everyone want to stay a little longer.

Magical Mosaic

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations
Gorgeous McConnell botanical gardens

The Magical Mosaic is a kaleidoscope of color, where patterns and shapes come together in a celebration of light.

This section is a testament to creativity, with each illuminated piece fitting into a larger picture, a wondrous tapestry woven from the night itself.

Holiday Shop

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations

The Holiday Shop is a treasure trove of festive finds, where the sparkle of ornaments and the charm of gifts beckon.

It’s a nook of nostalgia and new memories in the making, where every trinket holds the promise of becoming part of someone’s holiday tradition.

Glowing Swings

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations

Laughter soars on the Glowing Swings, where visitors young and old can take flight on a swing set that cuts through the darkness with radiant light.

Light Tunnels

Journey through the Light Tunnels, where a cascade of colors envelops you in a warm embrace.

This passageway is a corridor of light that beckons you into the heart of the garden’s glow, leaving you awestruck and inspired.

Polar Path

The Polar Path is a chill adventure, where the cool blues and whites of the Arctic are brought to life through light.

It’s a crisp, serene walk among polar bears and icy glaciers, a nod to the winter’s cold beauty, all without the frostbite.

Holiday Allee

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations

Finally, the Holiday Allee is a grand promenade lined with festive lights that lead to the heart of the celebration.

It’s a path of anticipation, each step building excitement, guiding you deeper into the joy and wonder of the season at the Redding Garden of Lights.

Where To Stay In Redding

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations

When considering where to stay in Redding, the Sheraton Redding Hotel at the Sundial Bridge stands out as a top choice, especially based on my personal experience staying there.

Located conveniently near the iconic Sundial Bridge, this hotel offers not only comfort but also an ideal starting point for exploring the city.

From the moment I stepped into the Sheraton, I was greeted with a warm, welcoming atmosphere and top-notch hospitality.

The rooms are well-appointed, offering a perfect blend of luxury and functionality. What struck me most was how each room provided a sense of tranquility and relaxation, essential after a day of exploring Redding.

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations

The proximity to the Sundial Bridge and the Sacramento River Trail is a significant plus.

I found it incredibly convenient to start my mornings with a scenic walk across the bridge or along the river, immersing myself in the natural beauty of the area right from the doorstep of the hotel.

The amenities at the Sheraton Redding also contribute to a pleasant stay. The on-site restaurant serves various delicious meals, and I particularly enjoyed the breakfast offerings.

Each morning, the breakfast provided a delightful start to the day with a range of tasty and satisfying options.

The hotel staff consistently went above and beyond to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience, making it a standout accommodation choice in Redding.

Staying at the Sheraton Redding Hotel at the Sundial Bridge is more than just booking a room; it’s about experiencing the essence of Redding with comfort, convenience, and exceptional service.

Redding Garden Of Lights, California - A Review, Travel Realizations

Dining Options In Redding

  • Moonstone Bistro: Renowned for its innovative and seasonal cuisine, Moonstone Bistro is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The restaurant offers a fine dining experience with a menu that features fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Their dishes are a blend of modern American cuisine with a creative twist, making each meal a memorable experience.
  • View 202: Offering a splendid dining experience with scenic views of the Sacramento River, View 202 is known for its upscale American cuisine. The restaurant’s patio seating is particularly popular, providing a beautiful backdrop for enjoying their expertly prepared dishes, which range from steaks to seafood, all crafted with a focus on quality and flavor.
  • Mosaic Restaurant: This restaurant is celebrated for its fusion of global flavors, offering a menu that includes a variety of Mediterranean, Asian, and American dishes. Mosaic is perfect for those looking to enjoy a diverse culinary experience in a chic and contemporary setting.

Each of these restaurants offers a unique dining experience, reflecting the diverse culinary landscape of Redding. Whether you’re looking for an elegant dinner, a meal with a view, or a taste of international cuisine, these establishments are sure to impress.

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Travel Realizations

As my evening at the Redding Garden of Lights comes to a close, the memories of the night’s radiant beauty linger like the afterglow of a sunset.

Each step taken was a moment of discovery, each light a story, and every song a note in the symphony of this luminous celebration.

This place, where light dances with the dark and nature meets wonder, has etched a vivid tableau in my heart, a testament to the charm of Redding in winter.

The Garden of Lights is not merely a destination; it’s an experience that kindles the joy of the season, reminding us of the simple pleasures of light, music, and community.

Until the next holiday season unfurls its magic, these glowing nights will sparkle in the back of my mind, an enchanting reminder of the splendor of Redding.

Disclosure: While this post was in partnership with The Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association, all opinions shared here are solely my own.


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