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Philosophy of life to me is a journey towards the end. From a zygote to a full-fledged fetus and then from a full-grown human being to ashes. Apparently it may seem too much a pessimistic view of life, but this is the truth with a caveat. Within this travel all of us follow several journeys.

Philosophy of life

To me one of the main realizations of life is to fulfill all other journeys within a broad journey between life and death. A journey of realizations of a meaningful existence within the horizon of meaningless existence is tough indeed! But the truth is we still love to live, celebrate our lives, set our aspirations and at the end, perhaps comes the realization that one day all our achievements and all our imaginations will come to a halt, a peaceful silence leading to a meaningful emancipation.

A peaceful silence leading to a meaningful emancipation Click To Tweet

A journey of realizations of a meaningful existence within the horizon of meaningless existence is tough indeed! But the truth is we still love to live, celebrate our lives, set our aspirations and at the end, perhaps comes the… Click To Tweet

To live in a meaningful way

No, I am not  describing death here, but remembering its utter presence and thus warning myself to live in a meaningful way. But what would  this meaningful way be? I wonder, perhaps nature would be a wonderful teacher.

But to realize nature’s teachings I should be calm which may pave it’s path to peace. Calmness is paramount to peace and perhaps restlessness is paramount to calmness! I am restless now to find the meaningful way and keen to celebrate this whole journey towards nothingness. Let the journey be meaningful enough to nullify the end.

Calmness is paramount to peace and perhaps restlessness is paramount to calmness! Click To Tweet

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Chirasree Banerjee

Hello. My name is Chirasree. I have been traveling for almost 11 years to places all over the world. I enter into a separate reality during my travels and enjoy the allure of escape from the mundane. I seek beauty through nature and human-made creations. Because beauty is powerful. I seek knowledge. I observe, absorb, and write about the places I visit and the profound realizations and inspirations that each place has to offer.


Fjords of Norway!


  1. coming to literary part, a nice precise and clear write up. Life, well it's unpredictable and it's never the same once you see the death of a person who really matters. My one learning is live life to the fullest and guilt free as you never know when the soul decides to wrap up things and throw away our consciousness in this life time. Never plan the life, but let it come and live it while you can. Wonderfully written Chirashree

  2. Anand movie te ekta dialogoue chilo…… " Jab tab jinda hun samjho mara nahi…….. jab mar gaya sala mai hi nahi"

  3. Until you realize death, you are alive

  4. kothay suru janina kothay ses janina ei to jibon. je matri jatar ekanto asroy chilo tar katha mone nei sese jekhane jabo janina seta ses na natun kore suru karan saktir binas nei tai jibani saktir o binas nei. jani sudhu majhkhaner ei path chala.ekhane kichu die jabo kichu nie jabo sukh dukh paoa napaoa saber opore eta satya amar porichoy ami manus. manuswatya gun sampanno jeeb to hole se akta jeeb sudhu.banchte valobasi manus hoe banchte sabtheke bhalobasi jadio jani mrittu jiboner ses sar satta. tabe seser madhey ases ache.

  5. Hi Jonathan ,

    Yeah the journey about which I am talking here is from our birth to death (our existence)…..Though it is uncertain exactly at what moment I realized "my self identity". I am sure it was not during or just after my birth! My philosophical thoughts are influenced specifically by the great Indian poet and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore.

  6. I am curious about what your influences are in this philosophy, it seems very existential oriented, like Camus and Sartre.

  7. Self realization is important but it is a gradual process. Therefore, patience is the key essence to contentment. Till then, let the journey with all its odds continue…..
    Here's my two cents on life as I see it : Life is unpredictable with its own twists and turns. In fact, that makes it so beautiful and keeps things interesting and refreshing, I guess. However, sometimes it startles us with unexpected twists which we are unprepared for and turns our world upside down. Life begins at consciousness and we embark on this remarkable journey that takes us through diverse phases.Perhaps it is the unknown component that encourages the seeker in all of us to step out of our comfort zone and discover ourselves. Good Luck:-)

    • Hello Urmila,

      Yeah absolutely "self realization" is a gradual process. We really don't know when it starts. I wanted to emphasize here that the moment the process starts we should start thinking about the meaningful ways to lead life.

      I do respect your views as well.

  8. Hi Siddhartha,
    Yes, I agree! Perhaps it is a perpetual dilemma which continues during the journey of self realization!

  9. Self realization is important indeed.. But it is frightening and liberating at the same time. It can lead one to dark alleys of self doubt with light at the end of the tunnel – which may or may not be reached. The journey itself may be full of mirages where we think we are onto something but eventually it turns out to be false. However, the end may be very illuminating indeed.. when your mind reaches a state of calmness and everything starts making sense.. everything starts falling in place.. It is like proving a mathematical result where we are frustrated with failures but once a solution is obtained all the failures start making sense.

    Perhaps it is worthwhile to realize one's self during our lifetime, perhaps it is not! Who knows? As the ancient sages said, perhaps we will never know and hence it is our own personal choice, our own prerogative to do it or not do it.

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