206 nations; 306 events in 28 sports; 11000 participants and one unique flame representing the spirit of all. You got it right. I am talking about the Olympics. Now, when the game is on, some of you might be coming back home to watch your favorite games or athletes in the Olympics, while some of you are tracking the counts for medals for your country and some like me, is loving the whole atmosphere that it creates. The very spirit of togetherness and friendship among nations and fellow athletes even on the stage of the competition is a precious gift of the Olympics, I believe. Beyond winning and losing, it ignites a flame in all to remain fit, healthy and inspires to thrive for one’s best. Today, I would like to tell you my experience of visiting the Olympic Museum (the museum is the largest archive of the Olympic Games in the world) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Beautiful Lausanne is also the headquarter of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne

I have so many things to share with you all about the Olympic Museum. They are varied akin to different sports of the Olympics.  The very first thing that strikes my mind about this grand sports event is the flame; the emblem of the Olympic games. Let me begin with that.

Olympic Fire in the Olympic Museum

Olympic Fire in the Olympic Museum

A statue of Pierre de Coubertin

A statue of Pierre de Coubertin, the  founder of the International Olympic Committee, who is considered the father of the modern Olympic Games, and the Olympic fire greets the visitors at the entrance of the Olympic museum to delve into the history, legacy, dreams, challenges and values of the Olympic movement. 

Olympic fire

Olympic fire

The Olympic flame

The Olympic flame is an expression of the positive values that people have always associated with fire. It is reminiscent of the sacred flame that used to burn permanently on the altars of the gods of ancient times. Each time the games are held, it brings together nations and individuals who carry it from Olympia, the site of the original Olympics in ancient Greece, to the host city. Pure and living, it spreads the messages of peace, unity and friendship.

Myself, inside the olympic museum

Myself, inside the Olympic museum

Travel Realizations

While sitting in the Olympics flame exhibit inside the Olympic museum, I was indeed inspired. The energy boost and encouragement were much needed at that point of time in my life. It was just two and a half months after my C-section operation. I had an excruciating back ache resulting from it. I was not able to stand for more than 10 minutes and at the same time taking care of my beautiful baby girl. I still remember distinctly how those flames and those quotes played a psychological role to vanquish all my weaknesses. That very day, I endured my pain and saw the whole museum, noted down important points for my blog and took care of my mother and brother visiting me in Switzerland from India.

It has been an unexpected side-effect of having found myself, quite serendipitously, in exactly the right place, at precisely the right time.

I realized the quote by Pierre de Coubertin,

Olympism is not a system, it is a state of mind. The most widely divergent approaches can be accommodated in it, and no race or time can hold an exclusive monopoly on it.


Olympic flames inside the Olympic museum.

Olympic flames inside the Olympic museum.

Olympic flame torches

The Olympic flame section in the Olympic museum creates an atmosphere akin to a burning flame. The representation has a touch of creativity. It appeals to our senses.  It showcases those torches used in the Olympics and has a red background. If one would like to know more information, one can easily browse through the information on the computers at the exhibit.

No matter who will win gold or bronze, in Rio this year, the spirit of togetherness represented by the Olympic movement will be the winner always.

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