Mother is not just a word, but a feeling. It has a profound influence on our lives, not from the day we were born, but from the time we were in the realm of possibility. We start from her.

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Mothers Imagined

Let me give you a pencil and a paper. If I ask you to sketch a mother, how will it look like? I imagine my mother sitting under a tree on a mountain; she is akin to nature; she protects us from the outside world like that of the mountain; she gives shelter from a hot and humid day like a tree does.  If  I am worried, broke and apprehensive about life, she will show me the peaks and valleys of the mountain and will make me understand, life too has peaks and valleys but it still stands like a mountain. I would learn from her experiences and build my own wisdom.

I wondered how artists have represented a mother? I share a photo essay with you all which I call Mothers Imagined.

I wondered how artists have represented a mother? Click To Tweet

A photo essay

An artist’s imagination has always fascinated me. A painting or a sculpture casts a magical spell and takes you away almost instantly to the artist’s world. One of the most important thing is that you still have the freedom to interpret as you want.  You can see one such group of paintings in this post.

Beautiful paintings in the Louvre, Paris

Finally, being a mother now myself, I feel and understand even more about the strong yet subtle influence a mother has on her child. You can read one such post of mine.

A soliloquy of a mother

When my daughter was born, my mind and heart was flooded with emotions. It is hard to define them, but I wrote about all those feelings that I was going through in this post.

Chirantana Existence forever

So tell me, how you would like to imagine a mother?

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