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A monologue on death!

Whatever happens, life continues. All of us experience various moments – moments of joy, grief, pleasure, achievement, satisfaction, stress, relief, and so on.

None of them, except death, can ever bind us to it forever. At times, a grief-stricken person may feel that life has ended, but in reality, that person moves on.

Time eases memories and that’s why we can live. Perhaps the time is the only weapon which life uses to make us comfortable.

Whatever happens, life continues. #Philosophy #creativewriting Share on X

A monologue on death

How I wish to meet him (death) and her (life) for a night long chat with the moon and stars blinking against the dark sky, near a lake with soft breeze flowing.

Will it be a romantic night? Will that night resemble all other nights or will it be different?

Time eases memories and that's why we can live. Perhaps time is the only weapon which life uses to make us comfortable. #Philosophy Share on X

To death

I will ask death, why can’t you love life? Look at her, she is so beautiful! The way the moon and stars blink against the dark sky for hundreds of years, why can’t life bloom each night? Why do you stop life from blooming forever? Why do you need a change when the stars, the moon, the sky and the sun remain the same?

To Life

I will ask life, why can’t you engross death in your beauty? Why do you give up? If you have the power to create why can’t you create a life within his (death’s) heart?

To Time

Once and for all, I will say to time, “Stop“.

“Let them make love, and you stop. Love is an endless mystery, because there is no reasonable cause that could explain it.  Let them be together forever and you stop. Only you (time) can bind them together to this moment forever. Let there be no more moments”.

To myself

I will ask myself then, “If it happens, if time stops, if life and death become lovers, then will there be no more pains? no more tears? Will the union of life and death give solace to our grief?”

I wonder!!

A monologue on death, Travel Realizations

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Chirasree Banerjee

Hello. My name is Chirasree. I have been traveling for almost 11 years to places all over the world. I enter into a separate reality during my travels and enjoy the allure of escape from the mundane. I seek beauty through nature and human-made creations. Because beauty is powerful. I seek knowledge. I observe, absorb, and write about the places I visit and the profound realizations and inspirations that each place has to offer.


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  1. Andrew

    This is a beautiful and thought-provoking piece. The idea of death and life personified and falling in love is a unique and interesting way to explore these complex concepts. The writing is evocative and poetic, and it really makes you think about the nature of life and death! I especially loved the part where you imagined time stopping if this were to happen – a world without pain or grief is a beautiful thought.

  2. James

    This is a wonderfully written and insightful piece. It made me consider death not just as an ending, but as a force that shapes life. The conversation between life, death, and time really brings this concept to life. It’s interesting to consider the idea that death might not be something to fear, but rather a necessary part of the cycle of existence.

  3. This is a really beautiful piece Chirasree and thanks to you my day’s definitely going to be a lot better. Cheers from Nigeria.

  4. Sree…this is really a masterpiece!!….I loved going through each and every word of your write up…it is truly beautiful!!…perhaps you yourself don't know how much potential is hidden inside you…let the writer in you bloom into a lovely flower…give your inner poet some time n space from your daily routine
    …I wish I had met you earlier…you are really too good..keep writing such beautiful stories..all the best… 🙂

  5. Hey Chirasree. read ur thoughts.lkd the way it started….it consoled my mind to an extent……but its not realization….but its showing self-delusion actually……………life & death are the only two truths.Both are completely contradictory and so they make a couple and so they make their union meaningful..

    • Hi Minakshi, welcome to my blog. Thanks for sharing your views. Perhaps your thoughts are partially true but I wanted to imagine a different kind of reality. We all dream of the impossible. Perhaps imagination is a writer's delight.

  6. Mrittu manuske mahat korecho tumi.
    dena paoner hisab nikash
    debar anondo pawar aswssas
    toma kache ese sabkichu jay thami.
    jodi theme jeto samayer path chala
    ses hoe jeto hridayer katha bala
    dekhte kebol jiboner akgheyemi.
    andher dakhay alor modhurima
    maron chenay jibaner mahima
    samaoy bale amar tumi tomer ami.
    bancher marer chandobadhho giti
    kakhono sukher kakhno dukher smrity
    ai chalatai mene nebo tumi ami.

    • Mrittur chai kano orabo akashey?
      Jeeboner ghran sudhu thakbe batashey!!

      Mahat hote manush ki adeu chay?
      Banchar ananda sudhui manush pete chay!!

      Ki hobey somoy er sathey heshey?
      Kal srotey somoy o to jay bheshey!!

      Akgheyemi nei sukh-dukhher eii aki chonde te?
      Jeebon khujbe sudhui banchar chondo alor britto te!!

      Kano mrittu k daak debo??
      Jeebon diyei jeebon er lorai lorbo!!

  7. Excellent writing…pore khub bhalo laglo. Keep it up 🙂

  8. Aaj banglay likhbo. Tomar bartoman chintay Mrityu besh ekta jayga niyechhe dekhte pachchi. Eta seta kothay mrityur protidhwani. Keno ? Jaha jonmay tahar mrityu hoy.Eta ekta parom satya. Aami ekjon Thalsemia rogi ke chini je duto rakto newar majher samay tay bhabe tar ki ki korar achhe. Jemon alo na thakle chayar uposthiti nei se rakom mrityu achhe bolei jiboner kato sadh. Suggested reading Rabindranath ar ekta cinema dekhte bolbo – Bergman er The seventh Seal. Na ar ekta cinema dekhte bolbo – Chaplin er Monsier Vordeux.

    • Goto 13th march ami baba k hariye felechi. Amar jeebon er sobcheye boro inspiration. Apni j ato bichokhonotar sathe amar lekha lokhho korechen ta bhebe bhalo lagchey. Jani mrittu akta swabhabik byapar kintu swajon haranor jontrona boro tibro!

      Majhe modhhey bhabi eii "ami" sotta ta thik ki? Jokhon jonmechilam tokhon to bujhini amar ami k , mrittur por o j thik ki tao janina. Eii majh khaner kota din ki korlam, kibhabe korlam, ta kal er srote bheshe jabe. Sobtai meaningless!!

      J duto cinema dyakhar kotha bolechen, obossoi dekhbo. Bergman er "Persona" amar bisesh prio. Tobe "The seventh seal" ta dyakha nei. Apnar theke onek kichu shikhte pari. Bhalo lagey.

  9. True Realization !!

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