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Top 4 best forests in India to go for a wildlife Safari!

A forest has a language and ecosystem of its own. Animals living there have respective rules, territories, freedom and responsibilities. It’s a different world. A forest attracts me for its wilderness. It generates a feeling of fear and excitement at the same time inside me. I feel something  is going to happen abruptly; I feel the adrenaline rush in my veins. After the end of each and every safari till now, I wanted to redo it again. I simply love being a part of untouched and untamed nature. Here is a list of India’s top 4 forests to go for a wildlife safari.

A list of India's top 4 forests to go for a wildlife safari. Share on X

Top 4 best forests in India to go for a wildlife Safari

This list is not just 4 bullet points. It is much more to that. The best way to understand about the differences and similarities between them is through stories. I met a tiger, I met rhinoceroses, deer, elephants and peacocks, but each has a unique story and a setup. So before you decide to take the next adventure trip in India, read these stories and decide which inspired you the most and then embark to write your own stories from your own perspective.

1. Forest safari in the Avalanche forest in Ooty, India

This was a walking safari inside the beautiful Avalanche forest in Ooty, India. Ooty is a beautiful hill station in southern India. The silence, the serenity and the wilderness befriended me as soon as I entered the forest. I encountered a guy who happens to be one of the greatest predators in the animal kingdom. You got it right. The guy was a tiger. He was a leap away from us. He could close the distance in just five seconds perhaps! My heart pounded in my ears when I realized that he could charge on us if he wanted. It was a really fascinating experience and I have fallen in love with adventure since then. You can read the full story here.

Here is a quick video of our tour.


If you are planning to visit this place you can visit their official website.

2. Forest safari in the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve, India

This was a safari on a van that accommodated 20 people. It had a different thrill. As our van was passing through the muddy road inside the jungle, anyone seeing any of the animals was alerting us. All of us, though unknown to each other, bonded instantly inside the van in a deep forest. We understood each other just by observing the tone of the voice or the body language since our languages were different. We encountered big, small and baby elephants, deer, cute monkeys and beautiful birds. This time we were not lucky enough to meet and greet the big boss – the tiger. You can read the full story here.

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Elephants in the Mudumalai forest in Tamil Nadu, India

3. Forest Safari in Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India

Kaziranga National Park is a world heritage site and is famous for its one-horned rhinoceroses. It is also a tiger reserve and is home to elephants, deer and water-buffaloes. This forest offers two types of Safaris, an elephant Safari and a jeep safari. I took the early morning elephant safari and needless to say, it was a real thrill. I was surprised when I saw how an elephant engulfs long branches of trees and plants in one go along the way. It was a fun-filled safari. I have many fond memories from this trip that I will cherish forever. I can realize, why even the duke and duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate visited this park. You can read the memoir of our safari here.

Travel realizations, forest, Kaziranga forest, India, India's top 4 forests to go for a wildlife Safari, Wildlife safari

Rhinoceros in Kaziranga forest, India

Kaziranga national park has been recently in the spotlight because of its wildlife protection policies. If you have made up your mind to take the elephant safari, then visit their official tourism website.

4. Forest safari in Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India

Morning 4 am sharp we reached the place where all tourists were waiting for their turn to get into a jeep and get going. Layers of warm clothes and gloves were failing to keep us warm because of the teeth shattering cold wind. I folded my arms inside one another and brought them close to my chest to overcome the shiver but in vain. I was taking in the magic of the morning in this dark wood. On entering the forest, our forest guard inside our jeep, whispered to us, “don’t speak, we may see one anytime”. He was referring to the majestic Royal Bengal tigers which prowl inside the forest. Bandhavgarh is home to the greatest density of wild tigers in India.

Travel realizations, forest, Bandhavgarh forest, India, India's top 4 forests to go for a wildlife Safari, Wildlife safari

At the end of our forest safari in Bandhavgarh

After a short while of silence our guard told us to look down. We all looked down hurriedly with the excitement of seeing the big guy, and then… You can read the full story here.

Here is a video of a peacock dance in Bandhavgarh.


If you are keen on encountering the legendary Royal Bengal tigers in Bandhavgarh then visit this website.

Travel Realizations

Adventures into the wilderness leave me with lifetime memories and a desire to return. Tell me, which story did you like the most? Have you been to any of these forests before? If given an option, from this list of India’s top 4 forests to go for a wildlife Safari, which one would you choose?

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