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The Zeitgeist of a Lost Summer!

The zeitgeist of pandemic stricken, lost summer has proven to be a fertile ground for me.

I am processing and internalizing all the things I have seen so far in my life while traveling across many countries for more than a decade.

I am connecting the dots of influence made on me by the confluence of culture, science, history, politics, and technology of the countries I witnessed during my travels.

Hence, I am charting the path of my becoming – a traveler, a blogger, a storyteller, and a photographer. All four personas influence my work from four different perspectives, tied together by a string of thoughts and narratives.

This summer, although I am not traveling physically, I have not stopped observing and all the four personas are very much active in me.

The traveler in me is listening to the voices from past summers and remembering their glimpses – crowded European streets, squares, and cafes, hiking on a wild trail in America with fellow hikers, and listening to a fascinating old saga in an old city in India with fellow curious travelers, historians, monks, and archeologists.

The blogger in me is diligently noting down the whispers of the present – the lost summer. The photographer in me is visualizing and imagining scenes of future summers.

I took the pen on behalf of the storyteller to narrate the interplay of emotions, apprehensions, and anticipations created by the confluence of summers in my mind; the juxtaposition of experiences and imaginations.

As we learn to bear the intimacy of scrutiny and to flourish within it, as we learn to use the
products of that scrutiny for power within our living, those fears which rule our lives and form
our silences begin to lose their control over us.

Audre Lorde
The traveler in me is listening to the voices from past summers and remembering their glimpses. #Summer #Travel Share on X

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I can’t breathe!

I can’t breathe

I couldn’t breathe when you uprooted me
To the shores of an alien land 
Shackled on boats 400 years back
From the cradle of humanity

I couldn’t breathe when you worked me to death 
In the sugar and cotton plantations
So that you could colonise the “new world”
The land of the Algonquian and Iroquois

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The Omnipresence of Death!

It’s a rainy Saturday morning today in San Jose, California. Night lamps are still on and the lights from them are reflected on the wet courtyard. I can see the raindrops making tiny circles and then disappearing. The valley afar is hiding behind the cloud. Unmindfully, I switched on my phone and saw the count. Total deaths, 64,625 in the world as of now from the novel coronavirus. The omnipresence of death everywhere! Behind each number, there was a life, a story, dreams, and wisdom. Now all gone. The fleeting thoughts and lasting realities of their final hour remained unknown. A big wave from the ocean of death is sweeping the world. All together we are caught in a sudden strangeness.

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A soliloquy of a sojourner!

After traveling for almost 10 years, and writing about my journeys for the last six years, some fundamental questions about discovering a new place, people and culture swirl in my mind often. Like a fly that revolves around our head with an uncomfortable buzzing sound. So here I am trying to answer those pressing questions and presenting you with a soliloquy of a sojourner; a quest! Take a glass of wine and let this black ink on the screen slowly touch you with the feelings resting in it; for words know the magic.

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Welcoming spring with California wildflowers!

The zeitgeist of modern life gives us a quick fix to all our problems in three steps. 1. Set goals. 2. Tie that goal with a number. 3. Strive to reach that number.

Think about your health (calories, blood sugar level, name a few), financial and social worth, screen time per day, quality hours with family, steps taken per day…just name it!

Such a fix can produce feelings of apathy and powerlessness for sure. I am also not immune to this system.

But I found an escape from this tiring number game. I escape to nature. I escape to mountains, oceans, forests, gardens, deserts, and sometimes to the middle of nowhere, far away from cities.

And if it is springtime then refreshing green leaves and wildflowers everywhere beckon not just me but my pen and my diary.

This year I am welcoming spring, with California wildflowers blooming in every corner.

To muse, to creep, to halt at will, to gaze

~ William Wordsworth

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My Long Walks in Switzerland!

While living in Switzerland, I used to go for long walks. The paths are well marked and as varied as the scenery – in fact, they quickly become an end in themselves.

Switzerland has over 65 000 kilometers of waymarked trails. I walked along lakes, through vineyards, under the shadow of mountains, and along small streams.

One thing which accompanied me on my walks was divine beauty; everywhere and in every corner.

I enveloped all my walks and kept them secured and safe in a deposit called the heart.

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Beautiful, Blissful, Bountiful Travel Moments – A photo essay!

If you ask me to describe my travel moments in three words, I would choose beautiful, blissful and bountiful. Beautiful places inspired me. Blissful evenings in a beautiful place injected peace in me. Bountiful nature enriched my soul. When I look back, I can still feel waves on my feet, I can still hear the sound of leaves inside the forest, I remember the stories of people from the streets of India, I can still feel the excitement when I showed my daughter a waterfall and snow for the first time. Let me share with you some of the beautiful, blissful, and bountiful travel moments. A photo essay for you all.

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Why do I travel?

Why do I travel? I travel to meet life; I travel to feel things which I otherwise forget during the humdrum of daily routine.

Why do I travel? , Travel Realizations

Picturesque Moléson in Switzerland

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