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Bay Area weekend getaways on California Highway 1

Bay Area weekend getaways on California Highway 1 are convenient and beautiful destinations to break free from all the whirlwinds of to-do lists for a couple of days. Every time I drive through the coast-hugging California highway 1, I feel it transports me not just to any destination but to dreams. The rugged California coastline by the Pacific Ocean has some of the most spellbinding vistas that one can lay their eyes on. I easily reconnect with nature, cherish moments of quiet reflections and enjoy spending quality time with family. And not to mention, ample photo opportunities await along the way. Here is a list of places that are easily accessible from the San Francisco Bay Area to unwind along California Highway 1. So, ready for a weekend drive? Roll down the windows, and let the sweet, damp air fill the car.

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Christmas Lights in the San Francisco Bay Area

Christmas lights in the San Francisco Bay Area will light you up with delight this winter. Not just San Francisco – a timeless urban retreat, but the cities like San Jose, San Carlos, Fremont, Palo Alto, Monterey, and Oakland, offer magical wonderlands of Christmas lights and decorations and exude a cheering warmth. Stroll the mile-long stretches of streets decked with sparkling lights and see the houses beautifully and creatively festooned with decorations and soak up all the festive spirit. Christmas is a perfect time to make new memories together with family and loved ones. Here is a list of fabulous places to see Christmas Lights in the San Francisco Bay Area where you can bask in the glow of holiday light displays. A magical ambiance awaits you at each of these places. Plan your December weekends ahead and enjoy.

Happy holidays 🎅!

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Fall Colors in Rocky Mountain National Park

Fall colors in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado are a vibrant spectacle which I was lucky enough to have witnessed. The cornucopia of bright yellow of the aspen trees in Estes Park, the gateway town to the Rocky Mountain National Park, instills a delight that far outshines any of the minutely curated beautiful Instagram feeds. The fall foliage in Grand Lake is visual poetry. Grand Lake is another nearby town located just one mile from the west entrance of the national park. My trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake, and Estes Park, suffused with the golden glow of autumn, has acquired a permanent shelf-life in my memory. I hope this travel guide and memoir will inspire you to plan a trip to greet autumn amidst the majestic Rocky Mountains.

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Glacier National Park – A travel guide!

The Glacier National Park, home to some of the greatest scenery in North America, came to my mind while planning a summer trip with family. Long habituated to the ever-increasing rush, the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco Bay Area, I wanted to visit a place that is distant, remote, incongruous, and is disappearing or is transformed by climate change. I savored the impressive scenery and built beautiful memories while traveling responsibly before all is gone forever. The Glacier National Park in Montana, together with the Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada, is a UNESCO world heritage site, which offers a contiguous high-country wonderland of innumerable rocks, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, woods, and mountains. Although I was not consciously following any particular trend, I later recognized that Glacier National Park belongs to a new kind of bucket list item known informally as “last chance travel” because the park is on track to lose its glaciers within a generation. I enjoyed every moment I spent in this park with my family and wanted to share with you the joy of spending 4 days filled with wanderlust and wilderness. Before you plan and go to witness the Crown of the Continent, read this travel guide to the magical and stunningly beautiful Glacier National Park.

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Lake Tahoe in Summer – Perfect 4 days!

A trip to Lake Tahoe in summer from the San Francisco Bay Area gifted me a much-awaited break from the whirlwind of the city and the complexities of modern tech-driven life. Lake Tahoe, the largest Alpine lake in North America, greeted me with a dash of dark blue and thousands of sparkles under the shining sun. I felt I stepped in a veritable Eden. Iridescent flowers bloomed in unrivaled abundance and the small streams everywhere whispered the arrival of summer. I visited places that remain closed during the winters and hiking through numerous state parks was an absolute pleasure. Away from crowds and popular touristy spots, I chose the north shore of Lake Tahoe this time and spent four idyllic days in the lap of nature.

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Salt Lake City to Yellowstone – A road trip guide!

The Salt Lake City to Yellowstone road trip during one summer gifted me days when I escaped to the extraordinary. On this road trip – history, art, and culture, the charm of old and small towns, grand sceneries and lush greeneries, wilderness and vastness, wildlife, and geographical wonders greeted me with open arms wherever I went. The long road morphed into a storybook studded with stirring panoramas, horizons that instill wanderlust and moments of inspiration. The Salt Lake City Temple Square, Logan Canyon Scenic Byway, Bear Lake, Grand Teton National Park, John D Rockefeller Jr Memorial Parkway, Yellowstone National Park, and Mesa Falls were some of the exuberant highlights of this super scenic road trip. The speed, the sun, the wind, the fantasy of never looking back, and the sheer diversity of vistas – these are some of the memories forever etched in my mind from the trip. Read along and let me inspire you to hit the road through this road trip guide. I hope you will love it as much as I did!

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San Francisco Bay Area Gardens to Visit in Spring

I love exploring the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area gardens in spring. Springtime in California is the best time to explore the beautiful state both far and near. The weather gets warmer, and the signs of the season pop up everywhere. All the places with vibrant new green leaves on the trees look prettier every day. Spring blooms are ephemeral yet perennially beautiful. Therefore, if you want to know where to see the best of the Bay Area gardens, today I bring you my top picks. Read along!

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Spring break in California – Best places to visit

In California, spring unfolds beautifully. The mild temperature, the effusion of colors, and wildflowers everywhere whisper to explore the outdoors during spring break in California. This time aptly coincides with my birthday and the spring break at my daughter’s school. I choose places that are beautiful, invigorating, and have plenty of learning opportunities and activities to keep our minds and muscles busy. Sometimes though, we choose to relax and imbibe the vibrancy of our surroundings. Let me present you with a few beautiful places to celebrate spring in California.

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