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Best Views of San Francisco from an E-tuk – See it and feel it!

San Francisco – the hilly city in northern California, which is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, has a unique charm.

If you ever visit San Francisco, don’t just see its best views but also feel the vibes that this city has to offer.

Let the sweet breeze intoxicate you, let the sounds of sea waves relax you, let the aroma from the restaurants around the Fisherman’s Wharf greet you, and let the views ingrain some indelible moments in your mind.

Recently, I savored and saw the best views of San Francisco riding an E-tuk from Dylan’s Tours.

I managed to pop inside all the postcard-perfect and famous frames in San Francisco in one day.

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A memoir of moments in McKinley Edwards Inn in Bryson City!

When a piece of cloth is exposed to sunlight for many days, that cloth slowly loses its brightness and color. Likewise, when my mind remains exposed to modern city life, the whirlwind of traffic lights, and its cult of timebound to-do lists, it starts craving solitude, silence, and wilderness. During this moment I break free and decide to get lost amidst mother nature. Still, there remains an in-between time. I call it the transition time. The time which helps to bridge the gap between city life and wilderness. During my recent visit to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, McKinley Edwards Inn in Bryson City proved to be an excellent refuge that helped me bridge the gap and relax. Here I present a  memoir of moments in McKinley Edwards Inn in Bryson City! You can book your stay here. 

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Rams Horn Village Resort – A home away from home!

As soon as I entered Rams Horn Village Resort, in Estes Park, Colorado, soothing greenery embraced my eyes. The moment I stepped out of my car, the autumn wind swept a fallen leaf just in front of my feet. I took that leaf in my hand and looked in front; I saw a bending road ahead adorned with leaves; some pale and some in deep colors. I saw an empty hammock swinging alone. Perhaps there was someone a few minutes ago. As I walked down the bending road and heard the crunching leaves below my feet, a quintessential autumn feeling washed over me. One needs to stay here to experience. Book your stay at Rams Horn Village Resort – an award-winning mountain cabin resort located at the entrance to spectacular Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rams Horn Village Resort in Estes Park, Colorado - an award-winning mountain cabin resort located at the entrance to spectacular Rocky Mountain National Park. #Travel #Hotel #Explore #FindYourPark #Nature Click To Tweet

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My happy and hearty moments at Hofsas House in Carmel, California!

As soon as I entered my room in Hofsas House, I stepped out into the balcony even before switching the lights on. A beautiful night, solemn silence and thousands of sparkling stars above greeted me. It was a string of joyful moments that filled life with aliveness; without rush and without engines. I loved how my weekend trip to the beautiful small city of Carmel on the Pacific coast of California had begun.

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.                                                      ~ Vincent van Gogh

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JD House – A beautiful boutique hotel in Mendocino!

It all started with a call. A simple and short phone call.                                                      The story goes like this;

I quickly dialed the number to convey and confirm that we will reach JD house – Inns of Mendocino,  very late at night the next day. I got a warm reply from the other side – “Thank you for letting us know. You will get the keys as instructed in the email. But please be careful while driving at night”. I loved the care in her voice. I said, “I will, thank you”. The next day, we reached JD House at midnight. I called a number given to me. I again heard the same caring voice. She instructed me in detail and we went in.

JD House - A beautiful boutique hotel in blooming Mendocino! #California #Hotel #Travel Click To Tweet

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Little River Inn – A Romantic Hotel Near Mendocino

If you want to take some time off from the hurried pace of your daily life then Little River Inn on the Pacific coast in Mendocino County is a perfect choice.

I recently visited the beautiful Pacific coast in northern California and stayed at the Little River Inn, which I found to be an inspiring gem.

The beautiful surrounding instills peace with a seeping certainty. The warm welcome that I received, even at night around 11:15 pm, made me comfortable instantly.

The gracious, good-hearted, and gentle people in this beautiful hotel made my stay unforgettable. If you are planning a trip to Mendocino or Fort Bragg,

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A new dawn.

A new dawn in Hualapai Ranch in Grand Canyon, Arizona USA

It was a new dawn–a new beginning–a new experience–a new realization–and now a young memory. The silent dawn became a solemn teacher, which inspired me to aspire even in the caliginous hours, when I saw the rising star was breaking apart all the darkness slowly but steadily and making its way to shine bright. I witnessed one of the best sunrises of my life from Hualapai Ranch in Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.

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An exciting night in Hualapai Ranch in Grand Canyon, Arizona USA

Recently I visited the Grand Canyon (West Rim) and spent a night at the Hualapai Ranch. Trapping the astonishing Grand Canyon in words is indeed a challenge and that’s why I decided to write about this exciting trip of mine in parts. I will start with the tale of an exciting night in Hualapai Ranch in Grand Canyon, Arizona USA. It was a romantic starry night amidst the vast barren landscape of the Ranch, which was akin to a desert.

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