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Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Tour – A review!

Hold up, football fans! (That’s “soccer fans” for my American friends 😉).

Today, I want to share with you all about my experience checking off a major bucket-list item – touring the iconic Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

The Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is one of the world’s most famous and prestigious football venues, owned by the Real Madrid Club.

Real Madrid fan or not, this place is a sports lover’s dream. From the pitch to the trophy room, the excitement was off the charts.

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Camp Nou Stadium – The home of Football Club Barcelona!

Welcome to a virtual tour of Camp Nou in Barcelona, the largest stadium in Europe with 96,336 seats, which belongs to FCB through my eyes. The fascinating stadium has it all – glitz, glamour and grandeur! One Significant difference lies in between the Real Madrid Club & Football Club Barcelona. Real Madrid was started by the aristocrats of the society while Football Club Barcelona was started for and by the common people.

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Football Club Barcelona

Football Club Barcelona – More than a club!

I fondly remember my visit to the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona. It is not only the largest stadium in Europe but also belongs to Football Club Barcelona or in short FC Barcelona, one of the best football (soccer) teams on the planet. Once you are here, you will feel that this stadium and the museum inside are a celebration of the very spirit of football. FC Barcelona is indeed more than a club.

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The Real Madrid Club in Madrid, Spain!

Almost the whole world is enjoying a football bash now with the beginning of the 20th FIFA (The Federation Internationale de Football Association) World Cup! I am not a very big fan of football, but I enjoy the celebratory mood of the people from all over the world.

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Poble Espanyol – An architectural museum in Barcelona

Visiting a new city is always thrilling since we know we will find out busy roads, lots of traffic, people and big buildings, yet we always end up finding something new, something special which gives uniqueness to a particular city. This time I have decided to write about an interesting and unique place called Poble Espanyol – an architectural museum in Barcelona in Spain, one of the best destinations for Solo Female Travelers.

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Experience Spanish Folk music and dance – Flamenco!

Exactly a year before on a beautiful evening of 10th Aug, I celebrated my marriage anniversary with Spanish Folk music and dance – Flamenco!. A musical evening that shines bright in my memory.

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