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Death and Life

Death and Life – The famous painting by Gustav Klimt in Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria

The epitome of truth is death. Our all anxieties, insecurities in life, desires, failures all come to a halt with death.

We may philosophize or fantasize death, but there is no denying that no one can ever escape the cold hands of the grim reaper.

Poets, painters, musicians or scientists, all express death in many unique ways. One such representation is Gustav Klimt’s Death and Life – a painting which was honored with a first prize at the 1911 International Art Exhibition in Rome.

Klimt believed that this was his most important figurative work.

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Mysterious World of Dreams – The Freud Museum in Vienna

The idiosyncrasy of dreams is mysterious yet fascinating. The rules of reality do not apply to the world of dreams. It is known yet unknown, it reflects our conscious mind yet it originates in the subconscious mind and the most interesting part to me is, it is unreal yet it shadows reality.

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Enjoy Colors!! Welcome to the butterfly house in Vienna, Austria.

Butterfly House in Vienna is a unique tropical oasis, peaceful and relaxing, and a must-see sight if you are visiting this lovely city. Colorful butterflies inside one of the most beautiful Art Noveau palm houses in the world reminded me of “Colors”, one of the most beautiful, charismatic, and surprising elements of nature.

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