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Las vegas

A night in glittering Las Vegas, USA – The Casino capital!

After spending an exciting night in Hualapai Ranch in Grand Canyon, we started for Las Vegas the next day afternoon. We reached Las Vegas by evening. After relaxing for a couple of hours in our hotel (Excalibur), we were ready to explore the charming and glittering night in Vegas.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Our adventure started from the ground floor of our hotel. Hundreds of Casinos all around, loud music and people were gambling and boozing. Sometimes the sound of all the Casinos were surpassing the loud music. I realized for the first time that this is another way to enjoy. I forgot many harsh realities of the world for the time being and tried drifting away with the crowd – I am in Vegas (the sin city) after all.

Inside a casino

Inside a casino.

The vibrant night

When we stepped out of our hotel, the vibrant night had just started. The dazzling lights and glittering roads amidst the dark night started to set the mood for an exquisite gateway to sin!

We found various cards on the road. I quickly took some pictures!!!

On the streets of Vegas

On the streets of Vegas.

While walking we were passing various beautiful and luxurious hotels and casinos.



One can never feel tired while taking a stroll on the streets of Vegas, especially when one gets to find some interesting advertisements.

The fountain of Bellagio

One of the things that I thoroughly enjoyed in Vegas is the fountain of Bellagio. This show where water, music and light is beautifully interwoven is a must see if you are in Vegas.

 The fountain of Bellagio.

The fountain of Bellagio.

Caesars Palace

Glitz, glamour and grandeur is in full swing in the grand Caesars Palace. The complimentary Bellagio fountain in front of this palace is enchanting. Few drops of water that the wind carried to my face was refreshing indeed!

In front of the the grand Caesars Palace

In front of the the grand Caesars Palace.  

Bally’s Jubilee dance show

We have tasted the sin in our own way! At night we went to Bally’s Jubilee dance show, which is the longest running burlesque dance show on the LasVegas Strip, something that I had seen for the first time but can’t complain of vulgarity. I enjoyed the music, the drama and some stunts in it. Since we weren’t supposed to click any pictures inside, I don’t have one to share with you all.


I felt that if we don’t gamble once before saying goodbye to Vegas then it would be a sin. So, we indulged ourselves in some gambling ($5 only!). We won as well and the ticket remained our memento. A sweet sin from this sin city.



Travel Realizations

Before I say goodbye to my readers, I must thank you all for reading my blogs, mailing me and inspiring me although I fail to post at a regular interval. Today 14th June, 2015 marks the beginning of my third year in blogging. Yes, I have completed 2 blogging years and I have done it because of you all. Thank you all once again.

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  1. Happy Blogoversary!! Las Vegas is on my places to visit list.

    • Thank you so much Rachna. Las Vegas is vibrant at night and gives an unique night life experience. If you love exploring such nights Las Vegas must be a place to visit. Good luck!

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