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Christmas market in Strasbourg, France – the oldest and biggest in Europe!

Whenever the calendar marks the start of December in a year, my mind and heart automatically switch to a festive mood. Twinkling lights all around, big Christmas trees and discounts in shopping malls signal that Christmas is on its way. It is not only on 25th, but every day in the month of December becomes a celebration in small and varied ways. I celebrate in December mostly by seeing a new place every year. Once I went to Goa in India, once to the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy, once to a Christmas village in Switzerland and another year I explored the Christmas market in Strasbourg in France, which is one of the oldest and biggest Christmas markets in Europe. Today I will share with you all my experience of visiting the Christmas market (or as the French say “Marche de Noel”) in Strasbourg.

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The tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte – A winner of many battles in Paris, France!

Business magnets, actors, artists, doctors, engineers, scientists, common men, poor men, etc all receive a  gift of peace and silence from death! No partiality at all though our society has always been partial to privileged ones during life and after death. Perhaps we all have seen a king’s palace in any tourist destination and rarely that of a farmer’s house or a carpenter’s house. The lives of late eminent and rich personalities and also their tombs have always been a center of attraction. Only death is impartial not the society. No, I don’t have any intention to write about such contradictions that exist in our society. Instead, I intend to take you all to the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte – a winner of many battles, in the French capital of Paris!

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Digital Jesus in The Cathedral of Christ The Light!


Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.                                                                                                                                                                                        ~ Bible

We are living in a technology-driven era which promises all material comforts and convenience. But for peace, love, and kindness, we seek a place that heals us and gives us hope. Churches, temples, mosques or any religious institutions gift us moments of confession, dedication, reflection and prayer. When I saw a digital Jesus in The Cathedral of Christ The Light in Oakland, California, I was overcome by the sheer brilliance of the idea. The juxtaposition of tradition and modern ideas always inspire me.

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Why do I travel?

Why do I travel? I travel to meet life; I travel to feel things which I otherwise forget during the humdrum of daily routine.

Why do I travel? , Travel Realizations

Picturesque Moléson in Switzerland

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Travel Realizations, Paintings in Louvre, Paris

Beautiful paintings in the Louvre, Paris – world’s largest museum!

The Louvre is the world’s largest museum. It is located in the city of love, Paris, which is of course the capital of France! It has 35,000 objects on display over an area of 72,735 square meters. On a chilly morning in March, when I entered the Louvre, the world’s second most visited museum, I realized that this is a kind of place where one can immerse oneself in great contemplation while looking at the works of artists who have risen to great heights.

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Travel Realizations, Ten beautiful spots, Ten Romantic places

Ten beautiful spots to spend a romantic day!

Whenever I think about spending a romantic day with my better half, I imagine ourselves mostly in the lap of nature; hearing the waves splashing on the shore in a beautiful beach; sipping on hot coffee while overlooking a snow covered landscape; hand in hand, walking down a small and cozy green hamlet amidst mountains; sitting quietly before a flowing rivulet; seeing ripples and vanishing trails formed by a boat while cruising on a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains or laying under a thousand glittering stars on a dark night in a desert.

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A coffee cup and a story in Thonon – A small French town!

I often have a feeling that afternoon are meant to be lazy, and if it is late summer and it happens to be a Sunday and you are taking a stroll by the lakeside in a small French town, a cup of coffee in one of those romantic small cafes is just too perfect.

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A Coffee cup and a story

A cup of coffee has always been my favorite companion on my travels. After reaching a destination or in between, after a short or a long journey, a session with a coffee cup casts a magical spell every time.



 Coffee Love

My love affair with coffee grew when I was in my early teens. Almost all of my adolescence winter evenings were filled with an out of the school syllabus book, a cup of coffee and a couple of hour’s solitude. This luxury, was one of the important ingredients for making me a romantic soul forever. I always missed my coffee cup in the summer evenings albeit the temperature used to be 38 degree Celsius (100 Fahrenheit).

A session with a coffee cup casts a magical spell every time. Click To Tweet

After a decade or so, when I started staying in Lausanne, Switzerland, even my summer evenings got filled with the fresh aroma of coffee beans, a Kindle, a pen and a diary. My romantic soul flourished.

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A coffee cup and a story

After every walk by the shores of lake Geneva, I used to sip in not only a cup of coffee, but some solitude and silence along with it while overlooking the beautiful Alps. This resulted in a different me; a thoughtful, mountain loving and silence seeking individual.

I used to sip in not only a cup of coffee, but some solitude and silence along with it Click To Tweet

These newly developed character traits surfaced in me frequently during my travels. My sweet sojourns to various cafes in different parts of the world yielded me with stories – small, ordinary, special, long, unexpected and abrupt stories. So one day, I thought of writing down the stories, especially the ones which glitter, not only in my memory but also inside my romantic heart.  So here I am, writing down some of those beautiful realities which I encountered while traveling.

A Coffee cup and a story in Gletsch, Switzerland!

Coffee cup Gletsch

It was an August morning. While exploring Gletsch – a picturesque hamlet in Switzerland, I came across a small and cozy cafe. I found just another couple in there. The experience of a calm and quiet cafe in a calm and quiet village gifted me something that I didn’t find anywhere else since then. Read this beautiful story here.

A coffee cup and a story in Thonon – A small French town!

Travel Realizations, France, travel Europe


A lazy Sunday afternoon in late summer, a lakeside stroll in Thonon – a small French town, a cup of coffee and an exciting story; an unexpected one! Now when I look back to that day, my lips expand and my cheeks bulge out. I will forget this story the day I tell it to my grand children. I listed it as one of my important duties to tell it to my grandchildren. If you would like to tell this story to your grandchildren as well, then just read it and have a hearty laugh (quite a rare thing these days).

A coffee cup and a story in Château-d’Oex, Switzerland!

Myself enjoying coffee in Château-d'Oex, Switzerland

Myself enjoying coffee in Château-d’Oex, Switzerland

By now, you all must be thinking what about a romantic story (isn’t it expected from the self proclaimed romantic soul)? My answer is – yes! The setting of this story is no other than the beautiful Switzerland, which I believe has a power to turn on even the most unromantic person. It was a bright and beautiful day amidst the snow clad mountains in Château-d’Oex, Switzerland. It was a date that goes far beyond my dreams.  Read the story here.

A coffee cup and a story in Santa Cruz, California

A coffee cup and a story

A coffee cup and a story in Santa Cruz, California

In the middle of the chaotic cacophony, a sip into the coffee cup can make you think not only quickly but deeply. This is a story of a vivacious summer day, dazzling sun, sparkling ocean and a vibrant crowd in Santa Cruz – a city in California.

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