One morning during my Hawaii trip, I made Espresso and warmed my hands on the cup. My daughter was in deep slumber on her dad's arm. I was awake to catch the glimpse of an unfolding morning. Hawaii being a top tourist spot, it is hard to find the roads empty. There were men, women and almost all of them were looking towards the infinite blue ahead of them. I too was breathing in peace. I was reflecting on life that we often tend to miss during our busy work weeks. Travel always gives us a scope to contemplate about moments that inspire us and helps us to find that lost soul of ours amidst the daily sunrises and sunsets. . . Mornings in Hawaii need no oracle but a silent surrender to the beautiful ocean infront. Once one does that he/she can see small boats sailing through and will get overcome by an intrinsic motivation to sail on just like them. . . In short, Hawaiian mornings are sheer magic. #travelrealizations