Just published my latest blog post - "An enchanting forest safari in Bandhavgarh National Park in India " Read it at the link in my bio or on travelrealizations.com . . An excerpt: "We were greeted by several forest sounds. Sometimes a melodious bird song, sometimes just a small tweet or sometimes some unique calls from unknown animals. On one such call, our guide told us “He is around”. Unknowingly, our eyes bulged wider. We quickly exchanged glances and sat quietly. After a short while, our guide pointed to the sand at the side of our jeep. We looked down and found the paw print of one of the tigers. It was a scary moment of excitement, and happiness." . . After reading the story of this forest safari, let me know whether I have inspired you to book your tickets to a forest? . #travelrealizations #incredibleindia #slowtravel #travelblogger