"To help without asking whom" - By Henry Dunant - the founder of Red cross and was the first recipient of the Nobel peace prize. "The exhibition took a hold on my feelings when I saw this striking sculpture labelled as “Dignity trampled underfoot”. It moved me so much that whenever I come across inhuman conditions anywhere in the world, my mind automatically refers back to this representation – hence the fulfillment of the art and the artist. It has had an impeccable impact on me ever since". That's an excerpt from my latest blog post - Defending human dignity – An exhibition at the Red Cross Museum in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2015, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum was awarded the European Museum of the Year’s Kenneth Hudson Award. Go and read about the emotional experience that this museum provides to its visitors on my blog. Link is in my bio, or read it on www.travelrealizations.com #travelrealizations