The Stuttgart TV tower (Fernsehturm Stuttgartis the world’s first telecommunication tower built from reinforced concrete. The Berlin TV tower, the space needle in Seattle, USA and hundreds of other towers are inspired by this well known landmark of Stuttgart, Germany. Fritz Leonhardt the famous structural engineer from Stuttgart was the mind behind this tower. He envisioned a tower that would serve not only a technical necessity but would also give pleasure to people. The observatory deck and a cafe inside the tower is the result of his vision.

Travel Realizations, Stuttgart TV Tower

Stuttgart TV Tower

Reaching Stuttgart TV tower

A few years back, on an evening in August while traveling in Germany, we reached Ruhbank subway terminus in Stuttgart.

Travel Realizations, Ruhbank terminus, Stuttgart TV tower

Ruhbank terminus in Stuttgart

From there we had to walk a couple of minutes to reach the world’s very first TV tower. I was excited to step into the elevator and go up to see the beautiful city of Stuttgart from the observatory. As soon as the elevator began its ascent, it was just a matter of a minute before we reached the two tiered observation decks.

Observation decks of Stuttgart TV Tower

Stuttgart TV tower, Travel Realizations

Observation deck of the Stuttgart TV tower

I enjoyed the beautiful panoramic views of the black forest, the Swabian Alps, the vineyards of the Neckar Valley and the beautiful city of Stuttgart.

Stuttgart TV tower, Travel Realizations

The panoramic views from the observation deck of Stuttgart TV tower

The bonus was the refreshing summer breeze!

Stuttgart TV tower, Travel Realizations

Standing on the observation deck of the Stuttgart TV tower

Travel Realizations

It was a pleasure looking at the city from 711 feet above. The breeze was gentle at the beginning. I relinquished my hair from the bond of a rubber band. I don’t know if my spirit has a connection with it or not, but I felt like flying just like my hair.

The Stuttgart TV tower had served its purpose. It functions not only as a technical building, but it gives immense pleasure to a visitor. In short, the art was functional and the beauty was a bonus. I was inspired when I thought that I was standing at the confluence of technology, architecture and art. In such places, unknowingly, our relationship with time softens. I wanted to sit inside the cafe and spend some more time but alas! We had to catch a train to return.

Video time

Now a quick video time for you all. If you have a minute, then indulge yourself with this video. You will not only see the observation deck of the tower, but will also witness how quickly, in a matter of few seconds we descended 50 floors. Sounds interesting? Then what are you waiting for. Click the play button and travel back to that evening right now.

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Stuttgart TV tower, Travel Realizations