Three long years,                                                                                                                     involving a cascade of emotions, memories, moments, experiences and self discovery, is a fulfilling gift given to me by Travel Realizations – my blog.

Myself on the shores of lake Geneva.

Myself on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Three years ago

In the late spring and early summer, often, the world sees days of gloomy beauty. The rain has stopped but the clouds still threaten, and the skin starts feeling the sun yet shivers. Three years ago, on one fine June morning while witnessing a gloomy day, I found a lost pen. I found a white paper. And the pen won. The white paper was splashed with blue color all over. I wrote my first post.

As the days passed, whenever I found a white paper or a white computer screen, it was splashed with the colors of a rainbow. A rainbow of imagination; of facts and of travel stories.

Whenever unknown mysteries enshrouded my mind and I became a witness to the march of weeks and months, somehow like a magic, Travel Realizations had found its way to my mind. I started writing and then with the press of the button “publish”, I was refreshed. Everytime!

Travel Realizations

Like anyone, life too has taken me on a roller-coaster ride and often jolted me to unknown and unexpected corners. This blog has been a  refuge, strength and an exquisite pleasure that has invaded my senses in such a way that I no more fear the brevity of life; its vicissitudes! 

Before starting this blog, I was living my life like anyone else with near and dear ones; but now I live in so many unknown minds and hearts through this blog. Those unknown minds and hearts are my priceless treasure.

Amidst the busy life, Travel Realizations forces me to steal some time to think, to reflect and to analyze life. In an era where “values” are projected everywhere onto an inherently meaningless realm of objects, Travel Realizations is an effort to take  a varied journey. The values here are in nature, in human beings, in emotions, in harmony and in maintaining a subtle balance. To my surprise, I have seen hundreds of fellow women and men feel similarly.

Words come and go,  sometimes I take a note and often I let it go; but the feeling that you all wait to read another blog post, another piece of realization inspires me to start accumulating some of those lost words and to find long clicked photographs in my albums.

A Promise

Let me end this blog post with a promise that from now on you all will encounter anecdotes from Travel Realizations most often.

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