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Shores of Lake Geneva

A journey with Jane Austen along the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland!

A solitary evening walk along the shores of Lake Geneva has become my favorite pastime with the advent of spring.

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Profound silence.

Silence – living and profound

Many times I tried to sink into profound silence, in search of repose to contemplate and breathe in peace, but I failed. After a certain time, or an incident, I spoke, I reacted and initiated certain actions. Those silent phases were not momentary but certainly fathomable. In reality, silence speaks after sometime when it is alive and achieves its deepest meaning only with death-- when it only observes, listens and comprehends Click To Tweet

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A monologue on death!

Whatever happens, life continues. All of us experience various moments – moments of joy, grief, pleasure, achievement, satisfaction, stress, relief and so on. None of them, except death, can ever bind us to it forever. At times, a grief-stricken person may feel that life has ended, but in reality that person moves on. Time eases memories and that’s why we can live. Perhaps time is the only weapon which life uses to make us comfortable.

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Lonely bench and mountain

My leisure diary

The green leaves of the tall trees were blowing with the wind from left to right. The gray sky was dramatic. I opened my window and stood still as if a thick curtain had fallen over my mind and shut me out from those unending contradictions of life. Never has that curtain dropped so heavy and blank before. My restless quest of meaningful life came to a halt for some time. My mind was certainly refreshed by the gush of cold wind and small rain droplets. An amazing feeling indeed!

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Thinking girl

Philosophy of life!

Philosophy of life to me is a journey towards the end. From a zygote to a full-fledged fetus and then from a full-grown human being to ashes. Apparently it may seem too much a pessimistic view of life, but this is the truth with a caveat. Within this travel all of us follow several journeys.

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