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A voyage across lake Geneva.

A voyage across lake Geneva!

 A famous line by Keats says “A thing of beauty is a joy forever“. I realize this line whenever I look at the Alps mountains. The voyage across lake Geneva on a winter afternoon to a small romantic French town, while witnessing the snow covered Alps, was hypnotic. The combination of blue water in the lake and white snow on the Alps was a truly beautiful treat not only to our eyes but also to our mind and soul.

A voyage across lake Geneva

Lake Geneva.

Lake Geneva.

When the sun rays inclined on the white Alps, the beauty and charm were beyond words. I felt as if someone has covered the mountains with a golden shawl. The sparkling white with a golden hue was magical. Inside the boat, there was both an open space and an indoor space. Though it was a cold afternoon with a spine chilling breeze blowing, I could not resist myself from enjoying the eternal bliss of the open space of the boat. I started shooting those moments on my camera to cherish them forever.

Lake Geneva Video

Lover’s Paradise

To me the solitude, the lake, the Alps, the golden sunshine and the blissful peace all over, were a perfect example of a lovers’ paradise. How could you stop admiring your beloved, enjoy the warmth with kisses and forget the purpose of these enchanting scenes? I felt that the mountain has nurtured a voice inside it – the voice of its beloved which it hears silently. Perhaps it is the love and only love inside a mountain which gives it strength to stand silently forever, withstanding wind and cold.

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Sailing through lake Geneva.

Myself, sailing through lake Geneva.

I saw you and became empty.

This emptiness, more beautiful than existence,

It obliterates existence, and yet when it comes,

Existence thrives and creates more existence.

By Rumi

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In my next post, I will take you to the small romantic French town, on the shore of lake Geneva. Perhaps a town from a fairy tale or a replica of a beloved’s imagination!! We will explore.

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Lake Geneva.

Lake Geneva.

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  1. Everyime I go to your blog I am filled with wanting to be there and see these sights and journeys and aventures. Thank you for taking us on these places with you…

  2. Your romantic experiences,romantic description of the places instilling in the reader a romantic love for nature.What is soothing to eyes that is soothing to heart even.Let the reader sooth his heart and mind again and again by such a subtle romantic description of nature"With all its solemn imagery,Its rocks,Its woods and that uncertain heaven".

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